Sean Hannity Called AIDS a ‘Gay Disease’ and Labeled Gay People as ‘Disgusting’

FOX News host Sean Hannity has never been a fan of people who identify as LGBT… ever.  This couldn't be more evident as he was fired from a radio station years ago for some disgusting anti-LGBT remarks where he said AIDS was a "gay disease" and that gay people were "disgusting". 

The Washington Post discovered tapes this week where Sean made various untrue statements about AIDS while he was on the radio.  He used to host a show called "The Pursuit of Happiness" on KCSB back in 1989. 

Here's what he said:

What is the cover-up all about that the media is hiding from the general public?” he asked during an episode of the show which was dedicated to his awful and inaccurate theories on AIDS.  “Contrary to what we heard in the general media, you can get AIDS from saliva, from tears,” he claimed. “They won’t let you say it’s a gay disease.”

According to the Post, .he would egg guests on who claimed that AIDS was spreading among gay men because they consumed each other’s feces. 

It gets worse.  Jody May-Chang, who had a show called "Gay and Lesbian Perspectives", heard about the AIDS episode and was compelled to call in.

I have a son, okay?” she said on the show. “I just gave birth to him about eight weeks ago and I certainly hope he doesn’t grow up to be like you.

Artificial insemination,” Hannity replied. “Aren’t you married to a woman, by the way?”

When May-Chang confirmed that she was, Hannity and his guest, Gene Antonio, an anti-gay activist, bantered about how her son came to be.

Turkey baster babies,” Antonio said.

Yeah, isn’t that beautiful?” Hannity said. “I feel sorry for your child.

After that disgusting exchange, Sean had this to say. "Anyone listening to this show that believes homosexuality is just a normal lifestyle has been brainwashed. . . . These disgusting people.

Not sure much has changed in his viewpoints since then. 

What do you think?