Sean Zevran Responds to NFL’s Stand For Your Flag Decision

Gay porn star Sean Zevran has spoken out regarding the NFL's decision to enforce a rule that all players must stand when the National Anthem is being played at each and every single game. It has been taken as extremely controversial and has received a ton of backlash because of it.  

The multiple-award winner (real name Josiah Jennings) took to his social media on Thursday to explain his frustrations regarding their decision in an extremely blunt post.


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"F**k your flag. F**k your anthem. F**k your patriotism. The NFL situation represents exactly what I've always called patriotism a disease. When people start holding symbols in higher regard than human life and decency, that's a dark f***ing road. It's a disgusting road. There's nothing noble or honorable about it." 

His followers on social media responded very positively to what he said, with one in particular saying "I couldn't have said it better."

Sean has used his platform to discuss issues similar to this in the past. He spoke out regarding the controversy around the 2018 GayVN Awards, where several fellow stars including Hugh Hunter called them out for having a category called Best Ethnic Scene, which they eventually merged into the overall Best Duo Category. 


4 thoughts on “Sean Zevran Responds to NFL’s Stand For Your Flag Decision”

  1. I agree it seems like this

    I agree it seems like this guy is speaking out for attention. I'm gay, watch football, and agree with the NFL's desicion to stand for the national anthem. The flag and national anthem represent what this country had endure for our nations freedom. 

    • The only possible ways anyone

      The only possible ways anyone could support the NFL on this is if they're a Trump lover, stupid, or both.  Generally speaking, its both.

  2. I’m so glad a gay porn star

    I’m so glad a gay porn star has broken his silence and stated his feelings. And I’m sure the NFL players, Black Lives Matter, and civil rights leaders were waiting with bated breath for his input.

    Please be quiet so the real people who want to make a change can do so.


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