Season 2 Of “The Politician” Brings Judith Light & Bette Midler To The Forefront

The first season of Netflix’s The Politician was equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking (there is not one person that watched Ben Platt sing Joni Mitchell’s “River” and was not left completely gutted). The finale of Season One (spoiler!) positioned Ben Platt, along with some current friends and former opposition, all encouraging Platt’s Payton Hobart to get back into the world of politics. With Judith Light and Bette Midler entering the fray as Season One wrapped (second spoiler alert: and Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange seemingly departing), the cast seemed stacked with fresh storytelling and intriguing new characters to help tell them. The cast and crew of The Politician has been seen all over New York City (including Central Park) filming the show, and Ben Platt himself shared the shot of he and co-star David Corenswet (River) taking a walk through the streets with the caption “one more river walk @thepolitician”

People reports that during a recent chat, the Tony winner confirmed that production has officially wrapped on Season 2 of The Politician (Bette Midler and Ben Platt were snapped in paparazzi shots filming throughout New York City). “Spoiler if you haven’t finished the first season, but like, you’ve had plenty of time — the last episode kind of sets up this state senate race between myself and Judith Light‘s character, DeDe Standish,” said Platt, 26. “And Bette Midler plays Hadassah Gold, who is her campaign manager. So this season centers around Judith and I going head-to-head and trying to win the state senate seat.” It sounds like we’re going to have two Broadway titans battling it out! 

“There’s a ton of Judith and Bette kind of Abbott and Costello comedy happening that’s really fantastic,” he said. “It speaks a lot to Ryan Murphy and to how much people respect him and want to work with him and be part of his universe. They came in just guns blazing, really ready to make a meal out of it.” “I think when you’re working with people like Judith Light and Bette Midler, you might expect that they’re sort of one toe in and one toe out, because they do a million things — they’re grand dames, legends!” he continued. “But they just jumped all the way in and what they do is fantastic. I’m excited for people to see it.”

Season One of “The Politician” is streaming on Netflix

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