Seattle Mariners Bat Down Facebook Trolls Upset With Pride Night

Pride in the Park.  Many different teams have set aside a game a year to throw up the rainbows and invite the homos to the park.  Crap, was that too exact? Some feel it's just a way to get gay money into the park. Others feel it is a great way to invite people in to a predominantly heterosexual environment with a message of support and welcome.

No matter what side of the fence, ball field, or dugout you are on, over all it's a good thing. When we can be invited anywhere because we are welcome just like everyone else, we win.

Someone else who won was whomever was taking the reins of the Seattle Mariners Facebook page and handling the comments about the team's Pride Night.  Their quick responses to shut down closed minded individuals was much appreciated.

Click on the image below for a larger view and you will see "Mr Green #1" is a little upset about sharing the stands with homosexuals. Then "Mr Green #2" adds his wo cents.  Both are beautifully shut down by the Seattle Mariners.

Who is this "Mr Green 1 and 2?"  Well if you go over to the Seattle Mariners' Facebook page and this thread, you can see their real names and other people responding to the "envious" narrow minded baseball fans.  Are they mad that we are invited and they are not?

We thank the Mariners for a great night out in the park as well as for their quick whit and honesty. 

WE love our allies!

Here's some more from that FB feed.

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