Sebastian Croft Drops “Queer Was Always Here” Charity Shirt Once Again

‘Heartstopper’ star Sebastian Croft recently re-released his “Queer Was Always Here” t-shirts for charity, and there’s only little time left before the pre-order period ends.

(c) Instagram: @sebastiancroft

The 20-year-old British actor and artist Kieran Blakey co-designed the shirt with Everpress. The white t-shirt features a background of a blue forest with the focus being on two orange dinosaurs kissing.


The first run of the shirts was held this summer, and it raised £150,000 for LGBTQ charities Choose Love and Rainbow Railroad. The pre-order period for the t-shirts’ re-release is currently ongoing, and it is scheduled to end on September 14 (Wednesday).

During the initial release of the t-shirts, Croft expressed,

“Often being queer is sold as a choice or watered down to a trend. But it’s not, and exists across nature. 

We’re also robbed of a lot of gay history, and can easily forget how long we have been here for […] I wanted to remind people with this T-Shirt, that queer has not just always been here throughout human history, but almost definitely predates us.”

More recently, he also tweeted about the charity t-shirts’ re-release:


The actor is famously known for playing the role of a closeted bully named Ben Hope in the hit Netflix series ‘Heartstopper.’ He will also be starring in an upcoming romantic comedy film entitled ‘How to Date Billy Walsh.’


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