Second & Third Season Ordered of Heartstopper. Watch Party Anyone?

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I’m a gay binge watcher. It’s not a bad thing, but when you’re up until 3 AM and say to yourself, I can do one more episode, you have a problem.  That is what it was like for Sex Education last week, but thank goodness Heartstopper was just one season for, yes, there I was last night until 3 AM finishing the first season.  By now, we’ve all seen the news that Heartstopper will have a Season 2 and Season 3 so let the binge planning beging!

Based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novels of the same name, the series is a celebration of queer love, friendship and joy.


“I hope that it just makes people smile and brightens their day — but I also hope that it inspires, particularly, young queer people to believe that they can find happiness and find romance and find friendship,” Oseman.

Ugh, wait, this is based on a book?!?  Damn those “reading gays” are going to know what happens before we do! Season 1 covers the first two volumes of the graphic novel, which have been flying off the shelves. That’s not the only really cool things that Heartstopper has assisted with since its release just a mere month ago.

Screen capture from Heartstopper on Netflix

Since the series debuted in April 2022:

  • Heartstopper weekly book sales in the US have increased 1700%. Volume 1 is currently the number one YA fiction book in the US and featured on the NYT bestseller list [Source: NPD BookScan]

  • The series has a 100% Critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is ‘certified fresh’ [Source: Rotten Tomatoes]

  • Talent Instagram followings have exploded with Kit Connor at 3.4M and Joe Locke at 2.5M, both had just over 100K followers a month prior to launch

  • On TikTok, #heartstopper has now amassed over 4.3B views [Source: TikTok]

  • Heartstopper, for the fourth consecutive week, topped Variety’s Trending TV chart the week of May 9-15. The Trending TV chat tracks audience interactions across Twitter including tweets, retweets, likes and hashtags [Source: Variety]

  • The series reached the Netflix Top Ten list in 54 countries [Source: Netflix Top 10]


Something I forget often is Netflix is not just an ‘Merikan thing, it’s all over the world. I binged Dark a German Sci-Fi series on Netflix and it made me realize even more that Netflix’s reach is worldwide. It is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 222 million paid memberships in over 190 countries. To know this series is reaching more and more people across the globe and will continue to do so for Season 2 and Season 3 and for years to come.


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  1. I had binge watched the first and only season available at the time and look forward to seeing what happens next with the main gay couple in this series! Bring it !!!! 🤗


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