See Nic Billington’s Sexy Remake Of The 80’s Classic ‘White Wedding’

London-based pop singer-songwriter Nic Billington is making waves in the music industry with his new single, a cover of Billy Idol’s iconic song “White Wedding.” This release comes ahead of his highly anticipated sophomore album, Dark Horse, set to debut in early 2024. Nic’s musical journey began in South Africa, where his debut album, Overload, garnered success with multiple chart-topping singles. With a move to London, Nic has captivated audiences with his visually stunning music videos and live performances. Let’s dive deeper into Nic’s musical journey and his latest single.


From a young age, Nic Billington knew he was destined to be a pop star, and when his family relocated from Scotland to South Africa in 1994, Nic began to blossom as an aspiring artist. By the age of 13, he had written an impressive catalog of pop songs and later gained popularity as one half of the duo, The Verdict, known for their dance and house music fusion. 

But his career took off when he began networking with producers and gained recognition for his unique pop music covers on YouTube. His covers even caught the attention of Britney Spears herself, further boosting his online following.

Nic’s debut album, Overload, solidified his position as a serious music artist. The album’s singles, including “Love Bound,” “Kiss,” and the title track “Overload,” all achieved top 10 chart positions in South Africa. This was followed by popular magazine features and opportunities to collaborate with renowned DJs and producers. 


As Nic is now promoting his fun new cover of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding,” the sexy, hot-bodied crooner shares that the song holds a special meaning for him. He sees it as a mantra, encouraging individuals to break free from societal expectations and live authentically. The track represents a clean slate and the freedom to be oneself. Nic’s unique interpretation combines classic elements with a modern twist, resulting in a captivating rendition that he envisions as a soundtrack to a powerful film.


Building on the success of his debut album, Nic Billington is eagerly preparing to release his sophomore album, Dark Horse. This highly anticipated project is poised to showcase his growth as an artist. Fans can expect a blend of infectious pop melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and dynamic production. As the release date approaches, Nic invites his audience to stay connected through his social media channels for updates on Dark Horse and upcoming tour dates.

CA: How did your move from South Africa to London influence your music and career?

NB: I had a fairly conservative upbringing in South Africa, so I was really surprised to learn how liberal people were in London. I spent the first year just absorbing my new environment and learning from everyone around me. It’s definitely had a huge impact on my music because I no longer hold back in fear of what people may think.

CA: Can you tell us about the creative process behind your cover of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and how you put your spin on it?


NB: “White Wedding” has been my go-to jam at all my London gigs, and the response is always so good – so I decided to record my own version for the new album. I put my own spin on the song, blending a bit of the classic with a modern touch. We laid down the track in London, and Paul Gala worked his magic producing it in South Africa. Honestly, I just had fun experimenting with different ad lips and harmonies. There was definitely some magic happening in the background because the whole process was so quick and effortless.

CA: What can fans expect from your upcoming sophomore album, Dark Horse? How does it differ from your debut album, Overload?


NB: Fans can expect a darker, more mature sound and deeper lyrical content. I allowed myself to experiment more on this album to create something unique. I played around with my voice, too – Pushing myself on songs like “Living to Die” and “Goodbye.” It’s dark and nostalgic – A true reflection of where I am in my life at the moment.

CA: You’ve gained a significant following through your unique pop music covers on YouTube. How has social media played a role in your rise as an artist?

NB: Social media has played a massive role for me as a musician. I was discovered on YouTube back in the day. It opened many doors for me – from traveling to performing, recording music, and being on national radio and television. I have such loyal and amazing supporters, and I love it when they send me messages and comment on my music – It helps motivate me through the tough times.

CA: What are your plans for live performances and touring to support your new album? Are there any particular cities or venues you’re excited to perform in?


NB: I have a number of gigs around London towards the end of this year, and I’m hoping to do more countrywide shows in 2024. There are some exciting plans to do some international shows as well, but I don’t want to give too much away at this point – Keep an eye on my socials for more! I’ve always wanted to perform in the States, so I will push for that in the new year.

Nic Billington is undoubtedly an artist to watch. Stay tuned for the release of Dark Horse and witness the rise of this talented musician.  

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