Senator Graham Blames Joe Biden For Unfinished Border Wall

For the past few years, there have been rumors that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump might have a compromising video of Lindsey Graham’s alleged male-on-male sexual exploits. Nobody knows if it’s true or not, but there were a few male escorts who helped fuel the flames of the rumor mill with claims they were regular clients of “Lady G” (a moniker allegedly given to the Senator by the escorts themselves.)


Well, today, a video of Graham hit Twitter, ripe with silly innuendo. Though not a sex tape, Twitter reacted as Graham is seen in the footage continuing to sacrifice his soul to the devil known as Donald while visiting a gaping hole in an unfinished section of the Mexican border wall. 

Even though Donald Trump had four years to complete the wall (You know, the one Mexico was going to pay for?), it remains an unfinished mess -a waste of tax payer’s money. Yet, there was Graham, audaciously now blaming Biden for the ample missing sections in the wall Trump left behind, incomplete. 

Forget the fact that Biden’s only been president for roughly 30 days; that did not stop Graham from blaming him for Trump’s unfinished job. With unbelievable gaul, Graham declared “the whole in the wall” is Biden’s fault because he has not finished Trump’s job. He then demanded Biden find someone to come “PLUG THIS HOLE.” Yup, and with THAT one line, Twitter erupted with school yard giddiness. That’s all it needed to take off running in a fast race to the bottom. 


The replies were fast, furious, funny. I admit I chuckled, especially at a second part in the video as Graham seems to almost dabble in existentialism by asking, “What good comes from allowing this hole to continue to exist?”


Wooooo, I know many of you boys have pondered that question, and I don’t know the answer. So instead, I’ll let some of Twitter’s finest, including clap-back queen Patricia Arquette, reply to Lady G with a well-deserved response:

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