Senior Gay Couple Arrested For Public Sex

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Two Florida men were arrested last Wednesday after they were caught having sex.

60-year-old Daniel McCleary and 59-year-old Donald Engstrom were caught near the small Unity Park by a St. Petersburg cop, according to the Smoking Gun. Around 10:25 pm, the police officer, named Zachary Lamour, found the two “engaged in sexual acts while completely naked and in public view.”


As the New York Daily News reports, the two men were then arrested and Engstrom later admitted that “they were in fact having sex.” The two were arrested and booked in the Pinellas County Jail for the misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure. In addition, Lamour noted that there was some sort of “indication of alcohol influence.” Thursday, however, the two men were released from jail on their own recognizance.

After they were arrested, the police discovered the two men’s rap sheets. While Engstrom’s criminal record is light with a single drinking while intoxicated conviction, McCleary’s history, however, is not so clean.

Daniel McCleary’s criminal record is more extensive and includes convictions for battery; domestic battery; battery on a law enforcement officer, burglary; cocaine possession; drunk driving; leaving the scene of an accident; probation violation; resisting arrest; theft; and trespassing.

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Source: The Smoking Gun, The NY Daily News,

7 thoughts on “Senior Gay Couple Arrested For Public Sex”

  1. 59 isn’t a Senior Citizen. Christ. I’m not saying that it’s awesome to have sex in a public park but I really don’t think that two older dudes going at it is the reason gays have “a bad reputation.” That feels a little like victim blaming. What is a much bigger issue in the gay community is ageism and the near invisibility of older gays.
    I mean, when it comes down to it, who cares? I guess that I’d personally prefer they keep behind closed doors but, after the last year, if they’re not actively spreading a virus or trying to overtake the Capitol, good on them.

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  3. Middle age??? try senior citizens. The one with the extensive criminal record sounds just like most gay porn stars. The reason gay men have such a bad reputation is because of idiots like those two, having sex in public view.


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