Serving Sausages, Wieners, Onesies & More

Jake Jacob reflected on his journey to becoming a physician (why don't our docs ever look like this?)
Jake Jacob (image via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram this week starting with Jake Jacob celebrated his journey to becoming a physician. Why don’t our docs ever look like this?

Ken X Y celebrated International Boyfriend Day:

Antony Tran struck a pose:

Tyler Valenzia sat around the base waiting for an ‘unexpected situation.’

Rich Burns showed off his necklace:

Joey K thinks his onesie is a bit small, but we disagree:

Meanwhile, Moe Bear was feeling “golden” in his caftan:

Shamari Francis served up ‘Monday face’…

…while Rogan O’Connor served up sausages…

…and Bruno Baba gazed lovingly at an assortment of wieners:

Psychologist Michael Adamas ruminated on nuclear energy:

Daniel Newman remembered taking it off at the Arosa Gay Ski Week in Switzerland:

Gerald Gschiel, the strongest man in Austria, threw down some moves:

Photographer Brandon Osorio and Richie Eisenberg wined it up in the tub:

David Perre got ready to go hiking:

Chubby Tanuki dried off:

Fitness model Kevin Davis had a message about karma:

Bremen Menelli shared a three hour Halloween body paint process:

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