Seth Owen Gave Jacksonville Teens Scholarships

Seth Owen speaking at the Human Rights Campaign’s Utah Conference / Image via Instagram @seth_a_owen

Last year, the world learned the story of Seth Owen, a Jacksonville teen who was abandoned by his parents after he refused to undergo conversion therapy. He was then left without money to go to college. Thankfully, the help of his university and strangers who donated to his education led to Owen not only going to school but also gaining an internship with a congresswoman. Now, Owen wants to do the same for others.

On top of working in a political office, Owen started a nonprofit called Unbroken Horizons. The group aims to help LGBTQ students fund their education. And recently, Owen returned to Jacksonville, Florida to award five scholarships to LGBTQ scholars.


Owen did so at a gala event featuring YouTuber and Ellen show regular Kalen Allen. Both Allen and Owen noted the significance and importance of holding the event in Owen’s hometown.

“What makes this so special is the fact that we’re here in Jacksonville, ” said Allen, according to First Coast News. “I think a lot of times when we face adversity and oppression, people experience those things because of the lack of education and the lack of awareness, and not being able to have those type of people in their communities — out front and proud.”

“It’s important to be visible and to be unashamed about the struggles that we have to face,” Owen added. “There are so many students at home who can’t speak about it. Because I’ve been given a platform, it’s my job to share and educate others.”

If you want to help Unbroken Horizons support LGBTQ youth looking to get an education, you can get in contact with them and donate over at the official website.

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