Sex And The City 3 Spoilers Revealed!

Sex And The City 3 Spoilers Revealed!


One Major Characters Bites The Bullet!

Oh my God you guys! It was two years ago when we learned a third Sex and the City film would be gracing the big screen. After a devastating sequel to the first film, everyone was excited to continue the stories of our favorite gal pals. A year later, Kim Cattrall, who famously played arguably the best character, Samantha Jones, began talking way too much about behind the scenes relationships and claimed she wouldn’t be doing the film. In January of this year, the face of the series, Sarah Jessica Parker, painfully let fans worldwide down when she announced the third film would not see the light of day. I’m still in mourning! But, now we may have a little bit of closure on what exactly the plot would have been in the third film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, early in the beginning of the film, Parker’s big love, Chris Noth, was going to die via heart attack in the shower. The rest of the film would have followed Parker as she mourned her love’s death and focused less on the friendship between the four women. Uhh, yeah… I’m actually a little excited this didn’t get made! The friendship between the four girlfriends were the best storylines of them all! Everyone loves Parker's Carrie Bradshaw, but who doesn’t want to see the lives of the other three women? Perhaps Cattrall saved us all from having yet another failed Sex and the City sequel.

Furthering to stir the pot like the cute little spoon that he is, Mario Cantone AKA Sex and the City’s Anthony Marentino, who played Charlotte York’s (Kristen Davis) gay best friend, spoke of the recent third movie gossip during his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. If you’re an avid Wendy watcher like me, you know Williams is a huge fan and it’s the first question she begs him to answer. Cantone tells:


“First of all, I never got the script. I never really saw it, so I have no idea if it was true. The one thing I know about the screenplay is I had a very large storyline, so I’m pissed off it didn’t get done. There are movies that have gotten made that have not talked about as much as something that never got friggin’ made. Get your box sets, smoke some pot, and have a good time.”

You can watch Cantone’s latest interview with Williams below:



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  1. Chris Noth is going to die!?

    Chris Noth is going to die!? This is breaking my hurtsad But I look forward for the movie. I like the previous part, let's see what we'll get here


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