Sex on the Beach Will Be the End of One of the Hottest Destinations in the World

The island of Ibiza is a popular travel destination for many gay men because of the sandy beaches, beautiful men, and the cruising spots that offer a rendezvous under the hot sun. One of the most popular hook up spots in Ibiza are the sandy dunes of es Cavallet—but after years of pounding down hard on the hot sand, local geologists and biologists have declared that too much sex on the beach is creating irreversible damage to the ecosystem which is part of the Parque Natural de ses Salines (Salines Sea Natural Park).


Spanish media outlet Diario de Mallorca reports that es Cavallet in Ibiza is one of the most sought out cruising spots in the world, and people from everywhere visit this nude beach in search of finding some fun.




Joan Carles Palerm, Biologist and President of GEN, shared with Diario de Mallorca:

On the coast there is a thermal wind which moves from sea to land. In the first section there are small plants that are capable of resisting that wind and the consequent movement of the earth it causes on the ground. They are a species that live very little time, but their short existence is vital for the dune system because when the wind reaches the dunes, it rises thanks to them. That allows other plants to settle there such as the lotus or the beach grass.

Palerm asserts that movement of the natural formation of the dunes causes a destruction of their shape which causes a ripple effect to the rest of the system. This causes erosion, creating gullies that crack the ground and expose juniper roots.


Authorities have fenced around the areas in question in hope that people will begin to respect the dunes so that they may begin to take their natural form once again. Additionally, guards have made it a point to constantly remind beach goers that they are present in a natural park so that they are aware that people will constantly be watching, hopefully deterring the cruising from happening.

At this rate, who needs global warming?

h/t: Diario de Mallorca

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