‘Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man’ Hits Denver

For the past two years "Sex Tip For Straight Women From A Gay Man" has been an off Broadway hit at the 777 Theatre (sextipsplay.com).  Well if you can't get to Broadway, maybe you'll be lucky enough to have Broadway come to you.  Fox 31 out of Denver shares with us a little about "Sex Tips" and the excitement about it coming to Colorado.


“Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” is a different kind of romantic comedy and the latest show at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. It is based on the international best-selling book of the same name. Playwright and Colorado native, Matt Murphy, and the lead, Grant Macdermott, stopped by to tell us more about the show!  – kdvr.com






If you are in the Denver area, head over to https://www.denvercenter.org/shows  for tickets to see the show.

Have you been fortunate enough to see "Sexy Tips?"  

How did it play up to your own personal life?


Can you relate?  Do you have that straight girlfriend that you give advice to? Do you think they listen to your advice more than their girlfriends' advice?







5 thoughts on “‘Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man’ Hits Denver”

  1. Watching that clip it all

    Watching that clip it all sounds horrible. Reinforcement of the image of gay men being heterosexual women's pets.

    By the way, I don't think homosexual men can really help heterosexual women in romantic terms because we are men and our chemistry makes us feel different about men. We don't feel about men the way women do so it is a bit of a waste of time trying to find the right tip from a gay man.



    • Looks like fun to me.  No

      Looks like fun to me.  No idea where you came up with the play shows gay men as a straight woman's pet.  I would think that the gay man has the power in this relationship since the female is taking advice from the gay man.

      And it's not called 'Romantic Tips', it's called 'Sex Tips' so your second paragraph is moot.

      • The gay character very much

        The gay character very much looks like a heterosexual woman's pet as it is usual with the media making gay men be the shoulder-to-cry-on for heterosexual women.

        Romance or sex, gay men are not like women. As I said before, we are men and because of this our body and brain chemistry is different to that of women. We don't feel about men like women do, so, apart from having the same attraction to men we experience love and sex differently. Testosterone and estrogen are not the same thing and they have an impact in the way we feel love and sex.

        So, a gay guy is of little help to a heterosexual woman be it romance of sex and we shouldn't subject ourselves to heterosexual women. If they want to know what heterosexual men like then they have to discover it themselves through interaction with heterosexual men.


        • I believe it is based on the

          I believe it is based on the fact that gay men have a lot more sex than the average women and we have a tool between our legs that we know how to get off.  There's no romance involved.  It's all about getting a man off.  Can't believe you're missing the simple sexual point. smh

          • I don’t think e can

            I don't think e can statistically state that gay men have more sex than heterosexual women or heterosexual people in general. This is rather an individual's thing; some are more driven for sex than others. There are a lot of gay men who hve low sex drive and some who are asexual meaning they have no desire to have sex with anybody not even masturbation. But definitely, because we are men and we are driven by testosterone we experience sex, the feelings sex provides to us ina different way women experience these feelings. Now, we are human beings and we need the romantic connection just like anybody else and at the same time heterosexual people are always capable of non-romantic sexual intercourse.

            With all this, what I mean is that what we look for in men, what we see in men, how we interact with men in romantic terms is different from the way women do all these things. The fact that we share the attraction to men doesn't mean we feel the same way about them. Unfortunately, the media and society still believe we are somehow women in a man's body since they strongly believe attraction to men is a feminine thing, but no, here we are to tell them that attraction to men is also a masculine thing.

            For the most, part heterosexual relationships and homosexual relationships are very different in many aspects ranging from lack of gender roles in homosexual relationships which grants us more egalitarianism between partners to the way we enjoy sex.



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