Sex Toy Purchases To Top 1 Billion, American Men Kinkier Than Before

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We know what the gays were doing during the COVID-19 pandemic! Mens Health recently reported that “1 in 3 American men are kinkier now than before Covid.” Add to that KPVI news station released a report that says, “The online sex toys market is set to grow by USD 5.74 billion between 2019 and 2024.” 

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Certain factors contribute to the growth of the sex toy market.  The growing visibility of the queer community is one. As the world changes and evolves the LGBTQ community has become more widely accepted. Times have changed, people have changed. The ease and availability of shopping online – anonymously – is also cited as a major influence. No need to wear a hat and sunglasses as you sneak into The Pleasure Chest to buy a dildo anymore. As previously reported by KPVI,

“The growing LGBT population in developed countries & rapid growth of e-commerce in APAC will offer immense growth opportunities for the online sex toys market. In addition, market trends such as an increase in innovative marketing of products are likely to emerge as one of the primary drivers of the market.”  


Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., a researcher at the Kinsey Institute echoes the notion of a changing world saying, “What’s ‘taboo’ is going to be different now than it was before.” The Men’s Health advisor also thinks,

“When we’re stressed, it’s often harder to feel desire or to stay in the moment, because our mind is distracted and wandering. Trying something new can create this immersive experience that lets us be in the moment and raises sexual arousal.”


The 1,229 people surveyed by Men’s Health were also asked questions about open relationships. Defined as ethical nonmonogamy relationships (ENM) those polled “who took up ENM during the pandemic report increased sexual and romantic satisfaction.”

I think I need to step my sexual game! What about you Instincters, any of these statistics ring true for you? Sound off in the comments below!

Sources: Men’s Health, KPVI

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