Sex Work May Be Decriminalized In New York

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Should Payment For Sex Between Two Consenting Adults Be Considered Safe And Legal?

I don’t believe many people have a passive opinion when it comes to sex work. Sex workers have long been looked over, never over-looked. From media, entertainment, and even in society, we either glamourize, objectify, or pity them. I know a handful of people my age (late 20s) who have OnlyFans accounts and literally sell their sex videos online to make some extra cash. Browsing through Instagram alone, an OnlyFans performer will have upwards of thousands of followers while a bank teller, who is just as physically appealing, will have a mere hundred. Sex workers, whether we’d like to admit it or not, are desired… especially within the gay community.


However, we can’t deny that most of us would likely shame a known sex worker if it truly came down to the nitty gritty. There will come a time and a place when the majority will look down upon a sex worker and belittle their job. I’m guilty of it and I’m assuming you are, too. Yet, since as long as I can remember, I’ve never really thought sex work should be illegal. I’m assuming on-camera pornography (OnlyFans included) are taxed by the government, which essentially makes them legal, so this really just comes down to someone not making money off of an escort, hooker, or the like. It’s rather bizarre if you really think about it! If two consenting adults are willing to do an exchange of an orgasm for some cash, I can’t hate on it! Jeez, I could probably make my partner climax before I finished proof reading this article!

According to TIME Magazine, sex work may eventually be decriminalized in New York. A new bill (The Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act) showcased by Queens State Senator, Jessica Ramos, who stood alongside Decrim New York, an organization with more than thirty sex workers including members of the LGBTQ+ community. The bill would repeal and amend certain statutes so that consenting adults who trade sex or collaborate with other sex workers will no longer face arrest, and those who previously were convicted would have their records erased. It would also remove a loitering with purposes of prostitution, which advocates claim mainly targets transgendered people. One of the leaders in the effort of legalization, TS Candii, claims sex work saved her life when she began selling her body at age thirteen as a means of survival after being kicked out of her home for being transgender. Advocates of the bill believe legalization will create a safer work environment for sex workers.

Do you support the legalization of sex work? Or do you think it would lead to mischief and mayhem?

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