Sexy Barber Gives Tips on How To Do Your Best Haircut While Quarantined

Credit: The NY Barber

Let’s face it. We all have that one friend (or more) that is looking like a hot mess during their time in self-quarantine. Many of us are have let our hair and beard go wild while we are stuck at home for the foreseeable future and are ending up looking more like cave man than our usual handsome selves. Facts are facts, y’all.

The NY Barber, otherwise known as the dreamy John Rivera, has provided some excellent tips on how you can give yourself an amazing at-home haircut that will leave you looking super fresh and sexier than ever. 


Master Barber John’s approach on how he operates his business goes beyond what you would usually see at a typical shop. He’s been giving residents of The Big Apple an endless amount of amazing haircuts for months all located in his chic and sophisticated 24-foot box truck that comes with a ton of fun things to gawk at while he does his thing. 

Check out his tips below: 


What to do:

Tools: scissor, fine-tooth comb clipper, lighting, hand held and wall mirror

If you have long hair on the sides (1 or 2 inches) and only want to clean up a little:

To do: put down a towel or garbage bag to catch the trimmings.


Wet hair and comb it all forward.

Cut between sideburns and eyebrow with scissor pointed to the floor.

Grab hair that’s over your eyes and pull it towards the mirror so its parallel to the floor. Trim until desired length (be careful) 

Comb hair back and trace with scissors around the ear. Cut sideburns square then shave.


For shorter hair: use the clippers with a 4 clip. (If that number doesn’t cut much hair off use lower number). 

Pass the the clipper up against the the direction of the hair all around the sides and back up to a little below your hairline on the forehead.   


Simplest way finish is to pass the biggest clip you have on top then. 

Use the remaining clips to blend it to the sides. Ex. 4-5-6 

If that’s too short for the top then trim a little off what’s hanging over when you comb all the hair to one side and repeat on opposite side. 


What not to do:

Don’t try and skin fade it. 

Don’t go too high with the clipper. You’ll wind up with a Mohawk. 


Don’t miss any spots. You will have to move the clipper in all directions in some areas to make it even.

Don’t shape around the ears or back without a wall and handheld mirror.

Don’t cut hair over your eyes bluntly straight across. You’ll look like a bowl cut. 

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