Sexy Creator Reveals The ‘Big Boys’ Who Inspire His Toys

L to R:Toy Model with founder, David, David’s boyfriend GeorgeXXL, and David post attack / Instagram.

One night as I ventured further and further down the pop culture rabbit hole that is Twitter, something brought my scrolling to a screeching halt. I was instantly deluged and intrigued by images of stunning miniature sculptures of beautiful Mediterranean-looking nude men. The pieces were anatomically correct as if the horse gods endowed the subjects.  

But that’s not all that caught my attention. In the pictures, there were also real-life sexy men, including David —the sculptures’ creator. It became apparent that David’s ‘ToyModels’ Twitter account was NSFW.  I was in public, so, I more discreetly scrolled through his XXX amateur videos. Many featured himself and countless stunning men, all built with over-sized genitalia like that which was exhibited in his sculptures — or “toys,” as David calls them. 


The biggest surprise (no pun intended) was that many of the hot guys in these videos with David are not just personal friends and playmates of him and his equally big packaged boyfriend George, but they are the real-life models of his toys. Some of the sex Gods featured are known names in adult entertainment, most notably, Viktor Rom — one of the top porn stars in the industry.

I reached out to David to get more information about his work, his sexyTwitter account, and his extremely popular XXX Onlyfans account. His creations reminded me right away of the 90s, over anatomically-correct novelty known as The Billy Doll. Billy took the gay boys by storm with his naughty features, namely an enormous appendage of which his distant cousin, the Ken Doll, would have been obviously jealous. 


To learn a little more about this creative provocateur I arranged to interview him. I sent over a few preliminary questions about his company and the growing international interest in his work. However, in a shocking turn of events just, three days ago, I visited the Instagram account for his business @Toymodelsofficial. I discovered horrific images of blood-covered floors in David’s apartment. What the hell happened, I wondered?

As revealed in David’s following social posts, he and George suffered a violent knife attack at the hands of a “friend” and model who previously appeared in some of their videos and was living with them. The specifics of what triggered the attack are not known. But from the hospital, David posted gruesome images of the bloody scene and shared the news that the attacker had stabbed George in neck and arms. He required emergency surgery for his near-fatal neck wound and is now recovering. 


David’s injuries were also severe. As he explains, he attempted to grab the knife by the blade as the attacker lunged at him. David says the vicious attack was a clear murder attempt, though he shares that he has tried many times to help the troubled man over the years, to no avail. 

Based in Spain, English is not David’s nor George’s first language; still, David was able to share this harrowing caption in an IG post from the hospital:

“Today me and my boyfriend @georgexxlreal my boyfriend, and I have survived something terrible today! a real assassination attempt by my friend who is a dangerous killer now that has tried to kill my boyfriend and has not succeeded because I have been able to stop holding the 9-inch knife with my hands that are now cut. I am waiting to be operated and my boyfriend in the operating room. be very careful call the police if you see him”

Luckily, the attacker is now in police custody. Unfortunately, though, David’s intricate toy-making will be on hold temporarily while his injuries heal. He will have limited use of his hands in the process, but whereas his disappointed clients will have to wait for the creations they ordered, he and George are extremely happy just to be alive.


O&A with David, Founder of Toy Models

The following is the interview I conducted with the very talented David a few weeks ago before his world got turned upside down by violence. If smoldering hot NSFW content is your thing, you’ll want to visit all his social media platforms and especially his Onlyfans. More importantly, discover the craftsmanship of his toys and the big hot boys who serve as his beautiful, well-endowed muses:


CA: What inspired you to start making these incredibly sexy toys?

David: I LOVE MEN and art. And when I first saw Billy Dolls, back when I was a teenager, in my mind, I started the idea to design my own. But I had no access to the technology, so I just left it in my mind as an idea. 

Since then, I have bought a 3D printer and started to bring my ideas to life. I started my website in December of 2018, on Christmas day, lol.

CA: Where can people buy your sexy pieces?


David: I have sold my toys to customers worldwide, including Australia, China, and throughout Europe. But they are also available on my Etsy site, or people can also visit us on Twitter. Be aware it is NSFW – but there, you can see video previews of all the BIG men who inspire my work. You’ll see why my toys are so big. I have a growing popularity in the United States with buyers from New York City, Modesto, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, and throughout Texas, Wisconsin, and Michigan.   

CA: Do you use real men you know as models for your toys?


David:  Well, it all began because of requests for custom pieces. Almost every piece was made thanks to someone worldwide who saw my work and then paid me to design one for them based on real men. So yes, all of them are inspired by real people — even my friend who inspired my popular unicorn boy piece. One of the top porn actors in the world, Viktor Rom, also became a model for my art, followed by Rico Marlon and Gianni Maggio — ALL very huge boys. 

Viktor is hot, but he’s also a lovely guy. He always reposts about us and does shoutouts and retweets. He helped me a lot to become more known when I first started selling my work. 

Porn Star and Toy Model, Victor Rom

CA: So you also make dolls of the men you perform with in your adult videos?


David:  LOL, visit my Twitter page for a sexy preview and subscribe to our Onlyfans to find out. That’s where the real fun happens and you’ll see ALL the models.

It’s important to share that I’m not a one-person show. My boyfriend George is also a part of what I do. He appears in many of the videos with me. I also hire designers to help bring my ideas and concepts to life. One of my designers is in Iran. He’s a great, a fast worker and we make a great team. 

I hope to keep growing my business and hire more people in the future, and it helps that my name and work are getting out more known — thanks to the help of people like you and Instinct Magazine.

Follow ToyModels on Twitter.  See more Toy Models on Etsy, and Check out their OnlyFans. Of course a reminder — NSFW! It’s HOT HOT HOT!  

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  1. Not buying his story at all. Just like the dumbass who lied about his butt carving attack this sound’s like another pathetic attempt as free publicity for his sex toy business. Cry me a river honey, wipe up your fake tears and stop lying 🤥

    • The images of the incident were posted on Instagram including the bloody floors, multiple hospital photos and the photo of the actual attacker, in a post asking people to call the police if they see him because they believed he was dangerous to the public.

      Most of those graphic images and suspect image were removed, as advised by the police after the suspect was arrested. They are still up including Pics of all the staple stitches in George’s neck, on their private only fans page.

      It was not a publicity stunt.

    • Really ? Im Dave this history is all true . The only thing we have to change is that I don’t have my figures in shops only in the house of those who help me to be an artist before this attack happens. By the way the main point is not the attack it eventually just happened while they making the article. So I was so nervous and need to talk about it . I’m still trying to fight this . Good day


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