Sexy Models Play Easter Bunny For A Day

Nothing says “spring” quite like sexy men in bunny ears. Men’s clothing site, Differio, recently unveiled their spring/summer 2017 collection featuring menswear’s hottest male models masquerading as haute rabbits.

There are so many reasons to love Differio’s spring campaign, but the fact that these men are in bunny masks makes this a truly memorable spring collection. We often associate rabbits with sexually charged images, like the Playboy symbol, but Differio puts their own twist on the meaning of men in rabbit ears. The campaign manager explained that these rabbit masks present a playful and bold image of the modern man that’s not afraid to wear what he wants – not just fashion based on trends. This campaign is meant to empower men to be different and experiment with their fashion choices beyond the plain and boring khakis, like ombre skinny jeans for men.

If you love these sexy bunny boys, wait until you see what this spring collection is launching. Known for their wild statement pieces and rare streetwear brands, you can look forward to some of the trendiest style and fit combos, like graphic longline tees and jogger-fit bib overalls. These are the coolest looks in streetwear right now that’s already getting us pumped for the spring season. Of course, any new collection by Differio wouldn’t be complete without the latest gay underwear styles by an exciting underwear brand debuting soon. All featured items are available on their website for purchase, but you can expect even more items within the next several weeks.

Every guy that loves fashion needs to give Differio a shot. You’ll discover all styles ranging from the coolest workout tank tops in activewear to the trendiest shade in mens colored jeans. Differio is not only a place for all things stylish in menswear, but also a way of life that encourages men to own their individuality with fashion. They’re pioneering the way for a new style of men’s clothing that’s always bold, creative and trendy by exclusive independent designers.

Want to see more of the spring collection? Check their new arrivals to see the most recent updates on shoes, clothing and accessories.

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