Sexy Reality Star Austin Armacost Bares All in New Pic

Whoa! We’re heading into the home stretch of this week with some pep in our step thanks to a fully revealing new snap of buff, hunky reality star Austin Armacost.

OMG Blog first directed our attention to the new pic. He’s shown plenty of skin online before, but this the most revealing angle yet for the A-List and Celebrity Big Brother 16 alum.

You can follow Armacost on Instagram here, or check out his OnlyFans here. Here are some of our favorite posts by the Insta-Stud. 

For the uncensored new snap, head over to OMG Blog

4 thoughts on “Sexy Reality Star Austin Armacost Bares All in New Pic”

  1. Huh, yeah looks good, during the A List they implied he was not very well endowed when he did his Playgirl shoot (the bitchy gay from Playgirl said it was small..). He is super cute, too bad about the tragic tattoos.


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