Sexy Show Creator Billy Clift Discusses ‘The Lair: Only Fangs’

Boys, brace yourselves for an interview hotter than a vampire’s kiss under the moonlit Hollywood sky! Okay, I couldn’t resist sexy vampire wordplay since we’re diving fang-first into the tantalizing world of “The Lair” with none other than the dashing, bearded maestro behind the seductive saga, Mister Billy Clift.


With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin that could rival any vampire’s allure, Billy joined me to dish on all things sexy and supernatural.

As the mastermind behind the revival of HereTV’s cult classic series, “The Lair: OnlyFangs,” he’s giving us a taste of his own twisted, compelling take on gay vampires and werewolves duking it out for supremacy in Tinseltown. And lucky for us, there are lots of eye candy, porn star cameo, and great bare-ass shots along the way!

But wait, there’s more to this handsome Hollywood native than meets the eye. From his days as a makeup and hair extraordinaire to his daring leap into the director’s chair, Billy’s journey is as captivating as the stories he weaves on screen. And let’s not forget, this is a man who’s stared death in the face and came back stronger and sexier than ever.

So, grab your stakes and silver bullets because we’re about to sink our teeth into a conversation explaining why so many viewers are thirsting for more of this revival. Get ready to swoon, laugh, and maybe even blush a little as we delve into the enchanting world of Billy Clift and his devilishly delightful creation, “The Lair.”


Interview with Billy Clift:

CA: Billy, congratulations on “The Lair—Only Fangs.” Before we delve into the show, can you share more about your personal journey from make-up and hair to becoming a director, writer, and producer?


BC: I became someone who wanted to create and control my own vision at a very young age. I saw things differently than my friends. (The few that I had). Being a little gay boy, where everyone knew you were gay except yourself, it took me into my fantasy world. With encouragement from my favorite teacher at Hollywood High, she said I should tell stories. It took me many years to fulfill this suggestion —first, becoming a model, then at 20, becoming a hair and make-up man, because it came easy. When my favorite client and friend, Elizabeth Montgomery, passed, it catapulted me into a self-search, and I finally became who I am today. Death can do that to you. 

CA: Wow! You were friends with the iconic Elizabeth Montgomery? Samantha!!! Wow, that sends me up. She was/is fantastic, and as I learned in recent years, she was a faithful ally to the gay community. I’m so jealous! And I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend. 

So before I go down the rabbit hole of telling you all of my favorite “Bewitched” episodes, let me get back on track here Lol. What inspired you to revive the “The Lair” series, and what new elements did you want to bring?


BC: One of the heads at HERE media mentioned to me in passing they were thinking of reviving THE LAIR. They didn’t offer it to me at that time, but it did set my imagination going. So, I began deep diving into the original Lair — watching it and breaking it down, just in case. I love the genre. I’ve been obsessed with it since I read Interview with a Vampire in High School. Then, when things like Buffy began, a camp take on it all, and most recently True Blood, and now the elegant TV version of Interview of a Vampire.. plus the wonderful 1970s vampire movies, and don’t forget Dark Shadows that had in its own campy tone. (James Storm, playing the old sorcerer, was one of the leads in Dark Shadows). This all swirled in my head, and the show’s Bible began to appear. Then, I got a call asking if I would like to take this on. My main question was, does this have to be like the original? They said no, whatever you want to do. 

CA: Were there any challenges reviving the series, and how did you overcome them to complete the project?

BC:  The Challenge was doing something I’d never done with supernatural elements. I wanted my lead vampire to have magical powers, more than most Vampires. So, I created his past, that he was a sorcerer that took the blood to stay young, combining his sorcerer’s powers with a vampire. I was worried that the fans of the original might not like what I was doing; people have become used to what they know. I understand that. But I had to make a choice. My choice was to let my creativity fly and see what happens. Im so grateful to Paul Colichman and David Millbern, who trusted me to bring this all to life. 


CA: How did your experience as a Hollywood native shape your creative vision for “The Lair: OnlyFangs” and your other projects?

BC: Being around all of this all my life, living in a neighborhood where everyone around me, somehow in the entertainment industry, made it all normal. We’re all crazy here because doing what I do, thinking I can make a living telling stories, is purely insane. Being here helped me see that others were doing it, so why can’t I? 

CA: Let’s discuss the show’s history of featuring adult video stars in mainstream acting performances. Can we expect to see more of that?


BC: That was one of the critical factors in the original that I did take; they wanted to make sure it was sexy… and using adult actors, they don’t have inhibitions. They feel comfortable in their skin in the same way. Many actors are often uncomfortable being sexual on camera— especially when depicting gay sex. But using adult actors made it easy. Mind you, Emery’s Cooper was incredibly professional and is English, and the Europeans don’t have the same hang-ups. Also, Ernest Pierce, the fantastic lead werewolf, felt the same way. They believe in the craft and will do whatever’s called on them when it’s essential to the role. And the lead vampire and werewolf enjoy playing with their meals — that sexual element is crucial.

CA: How do you balance your work’s steamy and glamorous aspects with deeper themes and messages?

BC: Well, when you’re writing a character, you have to decide how this character feels about his world. Our lead vampire believes he’s just doing what he does; there’s nothing wrong with it. I was raised with many Eastern philosophies and felt Landon Scott had been in the world for so long that he genuinely understood what the Tibetans teach, that everything is constantly in flux. I personally don’t feel anything I do is glamorous. I work my ass off. Whether it’s a movie premiere or working on set, it’s a lot of work, and in reality, once I shoot something, I’m sitting in a dark editing room for days or months. Not a lot of glamor, but it feeds my soul. 


CA: Can you discuss the significance of representation in your projects, especially regarding LGBTQ+ characters and narratives?

BC: Being a gay man who has had many prejudices thrown at me throughout my life, I know how crucial it is for representation — that gay actors get the chance, FIRST,t to represent themselves, making it the norm. Im not saying a straight actor can’t play gay.. but there is a difference in the way they perform. Mind you, an outstanding actor can do anything, but I have had many experiences with straight actors who have said, do I have to do that? And it could be as simple as cuddling with another man. My remark is that I thought you were a real actor. 

CA: In what ways do you see “The Lair: OnlyFangs” reflecting the current state of the LGBTQ+ community?

BC: Well, the whole blood theme works for the context of being like aids.. and being THE OTHER, the one in hiding. It’s perfect for us as gay filmmakers, too. 


CA: How do you approach the portrayal of sexuality and eroticism in your storytelling, particularly in a series like “The Lair”?

BC: It’s natural; we are very sexual beings—especially gay men. It’s so ingrained in our culture that it must be acknowledged in our storytelling. But there’s nothing more sensual or sexual than sucking the blood out of someone. What an analogy. 


CA: That reminds me of when I saw The Lost Boys in the theater as a teen going through puberty. My goodness, that movie seduced me, and whereas I would have usually been afraid of the concept of vampires, that damn Keifer Sutherland and Alex Winter had me ready to GET BIT! 

So, are there specific themes or topics within the LGBTQ+ experience that you feel passionate about exploring in your work?

BC: I am deeply passionate about telling the stories of the broad world of our LGBT-plus community. The more we see the pieces to this puzzle portrayed, the more we learn and understand that we are all the same— but different. In my series, Not So Straight in Silver Lake, the lead female is trans activist/actress Calpernia Addams, living her truth. Daniel Franzese, one of the leads, is playing a regular gay man. He brought it to my attention that he loved his character because he has never played a character that is just a sexual man without adding that he is a big sexual man. In my series, it’s never even brought up. One of them, an Asian man, is questioning what sexuality is. What is fluid or bi? And actor Charlie Harding is real about dealing with being bipolar. Again, that is something we don’t typically discuss in our community, particularly on screen. 

CA: What do you hope audiences take away from “The Lair: OnlyFangs” in terms of entertainment value and more profound cultural or social commentary?


BC: I hope they will have fun with it, first and foremost. We really need that today. The rest are little Easter eggs. Wait till you see Episode 6.

CA: Lastly, if you were a character in “The Lair: OnlyFangs,” which species would you be, Vampire or Werewolf?

BC: I would be Landon Scott.. I’ll do a cameo in season 2 as one of the ancient ones. I would most likely want a relationship with a werewolf because if they look anything like Ernest Pierce, sign me up.

CA: Excellent! I and the fans eagerly await your cameo and perhaps a bare-ass shot from you in a future episode! Lol, thank you so much for your time, Billy, and congratulations on your success!


BC: Thank you too, Corey. This has been a blast!

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4 thoughts on “Sexy Show Creator Billy Clift Discusses ‘The Lair: Only Fangs’”

  1. Coincidentally, I read this today after having just starting to watch my Lair DVDs 2 days ago. Just like the first time I started, I didn’t get very far. It really is quite bad. It’s technically sound, but the acting prevents it from being anywhere close to good. (Think the “1313” series of movies.) Yes, bare butts are nice to see, but I’d rather watch True Blood, Oz, Shameless…You get the picture. I don’t have high hopes that Only Fangs will be any better. I wish this was a UK show. The acting would probably be better & it would definitely be steamier. They wouldn’t feel the need to hire porn stars as actors, because European actors don’t have the same hangups as American ones. Here in the US, people are generally a lot more prudish when it comes to sexuality. Ironically, gay Euro-porn is quite tame compared to American porn. The message here is: “Violence is fine. Sex is bad.” It’s so backwards! I applaud Billy for making the new show, even if it’s more hot fluff. It’s definitely needed. The more visibility we have, the better.

  2. From the original storyline : The Lair is a private gay club run by vampires, who use the club as a source for attractive young men to feed from.

    I’ve never seen the original but now want to catch up.

  3. just my opinion but, while bare arsed is good we want to see dick. straight, gay, smooth, hairy we want them naked and showing it ALL off soft & hard (yes hard is a ‘taboo’ subject but it’s a natural state)
    mind you, the original ‘the lair’ was near on impossible to see in the UK so I won’t hold my breath for this.

    • I agree about wanting to see cock, but why was it difficult to see in the UK? The DVDs I have are imported from the UK. Back when I bought them, you couldn’t find them here in the US. The same is true for a lot of gay movies & TV shows on DVD & blu-ray.


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