SF Gay Men’s Chorus Gets Death Threats Over A Song

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The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is receiving backlash after they released a song with lyrics saying they’d corrupt and convert children.

According to Meaww, in a song and YouTube video titled “A Message From the Gay Community,” the chorus sang directly to conservative people condemning gay men. The problem is, the song carried a “tongue-and-cheek” message concerning children.


The song began with the lines, “You think we’re sinful/You fight against our rights/You say we all lead lives you can’t respect/But you’re just frightened/You think that we’ll corrupt your kids/If our agenda goes unchecked/Funny, just this once, you’re correct.” 

The song then continues, “We’ll convert your children/Happens bit by bit/Quietly and subtly/And you will barely notice it/You can keep them from disco/Warn about San Francisco/Make ’em wear pleated pants/We don’t care/We’ll convert your children/We’ll make them tolerant and fair.” The chorus is perhaps what has gotten people to react with rage: “We’re coming for them/We’re coming for your children.”

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After the video was released, the SFGMC shared the link on its Facebook page twice. One post said, jokingly, “Pride Month may be over, but the Gay Agenda never stops!” 


After the video’s release, American conservative media company Blaze Media reported on the music. The Post Millenial, a conservative Canadian online news magazine, and the conservative media source InfoWars also reported on the video. The Post Millenial also pointed out that the song’s creators, Rosser and Sohne, recived controversy last year for writing music that endorsed Afghan child sex abuse. The two later apologized for the song.

This outrage from conservative news sources then led to many Christian and conservative Twitter users condemning the video online. Members of the chorus have also reportedly received death threats through phone calls and direct messages.

Though, some have defended the video online with arguments saying, “This is sarcasm aimed at idiots who equate gays with pedophiles.” But, unfortunately, it seems that intended humor was lost on conservative ears.


This “tongue-and-cheek” stance, before the ironic reaction to it, matches that of the chorus’ executive director Chris Verdugo. At least, Verdugo stated such when talking to the Bay Area Reporter.


“The song is tongue-in-cheek, satirical, and I’d say nuanced except it’s not even that,” Verdugo said. “Since Anita Bryant, there’s been people who think there is a gay agenda; that pedophiles will convert children to become homosexuals. That’s not true, but we do have a gay agenda — teaching children to be tolerant and fair.

“Yeah, we’re going to convert them to be tolerant, kind, justice-seeking people,” Verdugo added.

In the end, however, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus decided to delete the YouTube video and Facebook posts. In addition, the chorus’ office, which is housed in the chrous’ National LGBTQ Center for the Arts, will be closed until further notice. Meanwhile, an investigator with the San Francisco Police Department is working on the case and the chorus is in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s San Francisco field office.

Source: Meaww, The Bay Area Reporter,

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  1. Eff that! I am so tired of breeders trying to make us less than them. The message they were sending fell on deaf ears, the people not supporting the SF GMC are too busy wanting to be straight or closeted. Their message was clear we will teach your children how to be human since you won’t. Duh. This is also Like when Lil Nasx kissed a man, conservatives screamed..”oh the children” there is nothing wrong with two men kissing. I bet a few of you were against him too. It’s 2O21, catch up.

  2. Seems just plain tone-deaf. Whomever oversaw it thinks that the right gets irony, etc. … they could not be more wrong. A really dumb move!

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