Shangela’s “MAN CANDY” And Naughty Elves Help Us Celebrate The Holidays

That naughty Shangela thinks she can write to Santa and get some goodies for the holidays?  Honay, if getting a man was as easy as writing a letter to Santa, I would personally deliver it to the North Pole. 

One thing you can't do is count Shangela out.  Even (apparently) manless, she's gonna try and try and we think she succeeded once again at making a good catchy fun song.  See what you think.




We're a huge fan of a drag queen that can sing and Shangela can do that!

She is also looking mighty fine, too.

Some other eye candy in the video are the hunks from  Our friend Brad Hammer sent us this video below with the question, who do you like best.  What we like about is you can pic from a variety of manly men.  Taste the rainbow indeed!  We told Brad we didn't know all of their names so we just gave him a list of screen times and clothing.  If you want to know their names, see the list below.




Thanks again Shangela and happy holidays!





h/t: for the Shangela "Man Candy" Video.
Sponsored by: Moovz and

Music Video Director/Producer: Brad Hammer
Producer: D.J. Pierce
Film by: Arno Diem
Lyrics by: D.J. "Shangela" Pierce and Adrian Jones
Vocal Producer: Adrian Jones and D.J. Pierce
Music Producer: Bobby J. Fausto
Video Editor: Dekel Lazimi Lev and Sean Ruby Barkat
Graphic Design: Gal Zegal

Male Models: Angel Garet, Brian Matarese, Andres Meijo, Terell Carter, Jasper Jeon, Doug Locke, Arno Diem, Ian Griff

Female Dancers: Deja Smith, Amber Sweet

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