Shaq’s Favorite Sports Memory Is… The Showers?

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In A Recent Interview, Shaq Revealed His Most Fond Basketball Memory Is Fighting In The Showers

Amid United States Election upsets we’ve been overlooking some sports and entertainment related gossip and drama. When we think of the greatest basketball athletes of all time, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Shaquille O’Neal may quickly come to mind. O’Neal, who is an outstanding seven-feet-tall, has been playing the sport for almost thirty years. Now, at forty-eight years old, the retired center position player is still a media darling and remains relevant for his celebrity status. Originally starting on the Orlando Magic, O’Neal would bounce to five other teams, including his latest run in the Boston Celtics and his most famed career as a part of the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he has some surprisingly fond memories during his four-year stint with Florida’s Miami Heat.


According to Barstool Sports, O’Neal’s most fond time on the Miami Heat was the naked shower-fights with fellow players, in particular, Dorell Wright. Wright, another seven-foot-wonder, hosts an internet show, Text Message Talk Show, and recently had O’Neal on. With Wright’s prompt, O’Neal made a claim that his favorite memory was naked-fighting with Wright in the showers and fellow player, Udonis Haslem, didn’t want to break it up – because they were in the buff. Wright went on to agree this happened, but claims he-himself had his towel on compared to the fully nude O’Neal.

This is probably a cute exchange between friends, but it may draw some eyes since O’Neal won the NBA Championship in 2006 with the Miami Heat.

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