Sharing A Bed With Your Pet, Is It Worth The Risks?

What do you do when you hook up with a guy and you two are not the only ones in the bed?  I'm not talking about during the sexual activity, but when you sleep over or after the deed is done.  I've put up with a cat, even a pit bull in the room while fun was being had, but I've left before the bed was offered up for sharing with the man's domestic. There are people that love their animals, share their bed, share their everything, and there is nothing wrong with that individual choice. Is that you?

In the recent article "9 Gross Reasons You Shouldn't Bring Your Pet To Bed With You," the author elaborates on the possible dangers of bringing a furry friend to bed, and were not talking about a bear, wolf, or otter. Here are the 9 reasons with some of the explanation.  Head over to the full article here.


1. Bubonic plague

Yep, you read that right. The bubonic plague is no longer sweeping the streets of Europe, but it's still out there, and you can catch it from your pet. In fact, between 1977 and 1998, …

2. Parasites

Can we all just share a collective "eww!"? Parasites, most commonly roundworms and hookworms (but there are lots of other equally nasty offenders out there, too), are common in dogs and cats according to the CDC …

3. Staph infections

4. Other bacterial infections

That whole rumor about your pets' mouths being super-clean is nothing more than an old wives' tale according to WebMD. In fact, the mouths of dogs and cats …

5. Cat-scratch disease

Cat Scratch Fever is not just a song by Ted Nugent. It's a real disease carried by cats that often show no signs of infection …

6. Fecal matter

It's time to face the facts. If your dog is like most dogs, it either steps in, plays with or eats (yuck!) poop …

7. Ticks   8. Mites   9. Fleas

You know you can get a tick from a walk in the woods, but did you know you can also get one from your dog?


Does the love of your animal outweigh the health concerns?

Does sleeping with an animal turn you off or could you see it no other way?



Some do see a benefit with sleeping with a pet.  Recently in "Having A Pet In Bed With You May Actually Help You Sleep Better, Study Finds" elaborates on the benefits of not sleeping alone.  Here's an excerpt from that article.

Having a cat or dog in bed with you as you drop off may actually help you have a good nights sleep, scientists have found.

The study discovered nearly half of pet owners reported they felt more rested with their animal in their bedroom than without.

The Mayo Sleep Clinic in Arizona interviewed 150 participants, 49 per cent of whom owned pets.

While 20 per cent of owners said sometimes animals could interrupt their sleep with ‘wandering’, ‘snoring’ or ‘whimpering’, 41 per cent said it was an advantage.

Lois Krahn, who authored the study Are Animals a Problem in the Bedroom? said: "People sleeping alone, not always single but sometimes with a partner who travels or works some nights, more often spoke of the beneficial companionship stemming from a pet in the bedroom or on the bed.  –


Is there a battle between physical and mental health here? 

Do you sleep with your pets knowing the possible side effects?

Is the emotional tie and your pet's happiness all that matter?

Would you change your pets in the bed policy for a man?




What do you think?