Shaun T Twerked So Hard It Got Cardi B’s Attention

Images via Instagram @shaunt

Shaun T is out here twerking our souls away, serving us looks, and sharing facts about how he gets down.

Shaun T is known as many things. He’s the creator behind the highly successful fitness programs Insanity, T25, and Hip-Hop Abs. On top of that, he’s a happily married man and father to two sons named Sander and Silas. But Shaun T is currently trending online for more than his workouts and family life. Specifically, it’s for his twerking skills and his shared info about what he likes to do in the bedroom.


Earlier this week, Shaun T released a video to his TikTok account where he dances to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s single “WAP.” The video shows Shaun T dancing in front of his husband Scott Blokker. The dance routine included all kinds of impressive moves like a high kick, twerking on the ground, a handstand, and more. The dance routine was so impressive, it even got Cardi B’s attention. The rapper wrote on Twitter, “Is like everybody knows how to do it but me.”

After Cardi’s post and general internet interest, one Twitter user posted a comment that got Shaun T to address the video (and more).


“Shaun T is definitely a bottom,” wrote the Twitter user.

Shaun T then responded with a tweet saying, “I’m very verse if you really want to know. Just giving you the facts if you trying to find out.”


“Y’all should join me for my wine nights on Instagram,” the fitness expert added, “WE GO ALL THE WAY THERE!”

Never change, Shaun T. And in fact, send us more dance videos! Shaun T frequently shares dance videos on his social media pages, but we can’t get enough of them!

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