Shawn Mendes is Interested in Justin Bieber’s Underwear

Super cute Shawn Mendes has made a somewhat naughty confession about another male artist.


The "Mercy" singer appeared on late night host James Corden's Carpool Karaoke this week, where things took a turn for the sexy about a minute into it.

The two first get into a lively rendition of Shawn's hit "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" before the topic of conversation becomes… underwear.

Shawn talked about finally moving out of his parents crib and into his own place in Toronto… aye (SP?). He then chats about doing things independently now that he's on his own, but also reveals that his mother still does his laundry whenever she comes to visit him.

Then, James decides to bring up how Justin Bieber (allegedly) buys a new pair of underwear every single day and then sells them online. This piques Shawn's interest, who then admits he would buy them. But for how much though?

Watch the clip below: 

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