Shawn Mendes Is Looking Super HOT in Latest Beach Pics

Thirst Twitter is at again and in a frenzy after latest photos of Shawn Mendes at the beach go viral (and understandably so)…

(c) Twitter: @CelebBoyfriend

In the said hot pics, the 24-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter can be seen wearing a pair of army green-colored swimming shorts. And that’s about it, really. The rest of his upper body is bare and glistening wet under the summer sun.


According to People, Mendes was enjoying a Mediterranean vacation with his friends in Ibiza, Spain. Aside from being spotted chilling on the seashore, he also reportedly went on a boating excursion with a few of his friends around the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course, the “Treat You Better” singer also had swimming sesh in the sea, which explains his glistening wet state in some of the pics. It truly is a sight to behold… <3 Thirst and Gay Twitter agrees, and here are some of their feels:

“if god wanted me to be straight he wouldn’t have made Shawn Mendes so hot”

“his job is beach”


“and what a good job he does at beach”

“I volunteer to beach him off”

“Shawn Mendes always looks great at the beach!!!”

Dropping his latest beach photos here:





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