Shelter for Trans People Recently Opened in San Francisco

A transgender safe house was discreetly opened in San Francisco, making it the first transitional house for trans people in the United States. Image via

It is an unfortunate reality that LGBTQ people are sometimes rejected by their family and are left to fend for themselves on the streets, and transgender people are at an even greater risk. However, an ordinary-looking house has opened its doors to provide shelter to homeless transgender people according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

This place houses the nation’s first long-term transitional living program for homeless transgender people and there are currently five people living there. The house opened discreetly about two months ago and is designed to let the residents stay there for two years as they sort out the trauma and damage that were inflicted upon them due to homelessness that was caused by transphobia and bigotry. I have worked closely with the homeless in New York and I see how difficult it is for many people, so I am glad that someone took the initiative and opened up a shelter like this. 

The shelter is located in one of the more quieter neighborhoods in San Francisco and the interior is designed to inspire a feeling of serenity, which is something that is sorely needed, as many LGBTQ people suffer highly from things such as depression, anxiety, and are at an increased risk of substance abuse. 

Sherilyn Adams, the director of Larkin Street Youth Services, the leading homeless-youth agency in San Francisco, commented that people are very excited about this shelter and that they “can give young transgender people the time they need to really get stable and move forward.” Christopher Rodriguez, program manager for the house, said unlike the rest of the LGBTQ, trans people frequently require extra medical attention as many undergo hormone therapy and transition surgery. Rodriguez also commented that transgender people are outed at a higher rate than gay men and lesbians, which can cause further hardships for trans people. By creating this program, transgender people are able to live as their authentic selves without fear of harassment or violence against them. 

I am very glad that such a program exists because life is hard enough as it is, so having a shelter designed specifically helping trans people is undeniably a great thing. While this program only exists in San Francisco, I am optimistic that more shelters like this will appear across the country so that transgender people get the help and support that they need. 


Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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