Shirtless KJ Apa Welcomes His New Ducati Bike

‘Riverdale’ hottie KJ Apa recently posted his new Ducati bike on Instagram, and his fans went wild, not only because of his hot ride, but also because he was shirtless and showing off his toned abs.

The level of his fans’ thirst is quite amusing, to be honest.


Aside from acting, posting (intentional or unintentional) thirst traps, and riding a Ducati bike, the New Zealand actor is also a literal daddy to an adorable son named Sasha Vai Keneti Apa. In fact, in interview with Us Weekly on June, Apa shared his future plans after ‘Riverdale.’


“I’ll go back [to New Zealand]. Yeah, 100%. I’m going back this year,” the 25-year-old actor confirmed.

The American teen drama TV series will be wrapping up after season 7 next year, and Apa expressed how much he wants his son and partner Clara Berry to go back to his home country with him.

“I want my son to know his family over there. I gotta convince my girl to think about moving over there. Maybe. It’s a long way from everywhere, but I want to go back for sure.”

In the meantime, fans are just enjoying the ride that is ‘Riverdale’ season 6.


(c) KJ Apa’s Instagram: @kjapa


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