Shopping for a gay bed.

When asked if he was dominant or submissive, he asks, ”Where’s the not applicable button?”

That's just one of the issues Nelson has to deal with while bed shopping in this new short movie.  The 13 minute clip is a little slow to start, but is entertaining once the shopping process begins. 


Nelson needs to buy a new bed, but has to convince his hoarding sloth like husbear that the futon has to go. Corey is late to the big box store so Nelson needs to start the process without him.  From the look he receives and the nice subtle crotch grab / adjustment, it looks like Nelson is going to have a great shopping experience, until things go hi-tech.


Unfortunately for Nelson, the experience turns into show and tell for the entire store when a computerized bed asks questions about his sleeping and sex habits.  While making reference to his Manhunt profile, sexual position preference, and body style, the computer narrows down the list of best bed choices for Nelson and his partner.




One fellow shopper comments "I could totally top you" and an older woman states, "I had him pegged for a power bottom." Our sexy crotch grabbing sales associate offers his assistance as well, but is denied when Corey, the husband, finally arrives. 




The clip from Spooners is cute and entertaining.  I think I'll like its facebook page and will consider contributing to Spooners the Webseries KickStarter campaign (click here). Watch the short for yourself below. 



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