Should Gay Content Keep Gays In Mind Or Mainstream Audiences?

Michael Henry and Matthew Scott Montgomery in "Bubble Gum Gay"
Michael Henry and Matthew Scott Montgomery in “Bubble Gum Gay” (screen captures)

The latest short film by funnyman Michael Henry wonders aloud about social media gay content made by gays for gays versus gay content made for straight people.

It turns out there are some TikTokers out there that really irritate Mr. Henry.


Michael is hanging out in the park with Julian Ross Thomas waiting for Matthew Scott Montgomery to join them for lunch. It seems Montgomery is half of a successful gay TikTok duo that’s on a roll with over 25 million viewers – all women.

TikToker poses with fans

After posing for selfies with fans, Montgomery sits down and rattles off a list of 2021 successes for the social media moguls including books, brand deals, and a Netflix series. He then turns to Michael, “But you get it, Michael, don’t you make gay content, too?”


Michael responds with a deadpan, “Well, yeah, but I make gay content for gay people.”

**Backhand slap sound effect** 

Asked what he means by that, Michael elaborates: “I make gay content about gay stuff with gay people in mind, and you make gay content for straight people to like.”

Instead of “silly pranks,” dance-offs and challenges, Michael says he wants to make gay content with gay subject matter and “have gay people feel they can relate to my gay experiences and feelings.”


Michael’s view is Montgomery’s material made for TikTok is ‘fluff’ like “big break-up vids and Chapstick challenge videos.”

Michael Henry, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Julian Ross Thomas in "Bubble Gum Gay"
Michael Henry, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Julian Ross Thomas (screen capture)

Montgomery isn’t exactly warm to that description: “You think you’re better than me because I make content that everyone can relate to and you make videos about butt plugs?”

Ruh-roh…It’s getting crunchy in here.


Michael doesn’t want to get down in the mud on a “better than” thing, but his take is that some queer TikTokers are basically making “the most bubble gum version of gay relationships.”

This sets up a discussion about whether content creators should cater to straight mainstream audience interests in order to be successful versus Michael who wants to continue making videos about “[bleep], [bleep], [bleep], and butt plugs.”

There’s a twist coming we won’t give away, but like all of Michael Henry’s short films, he presents a good debate about how niche (or not) gay content should (or shouldn’t) be. Plus, make sure you stick around to the very end for an oh-so-Michael-Henry curtain line.

Side thought: it would seem Michael has a certain gay TikTok team in mind here…?

Let us know what you think in the comment section, readers. Is gay content that has been ‘sanitized’ to appeal to hetero folks better, or is unfiltered, gay-specific content more interesting to you?

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