Should Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Tweets Remove Him From Hosting?

Should Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Tweets Remove Him From Hosting?

The Comedian Was Just Announced As The Oscars 2019 Host

It’s been apparent lately comedians can’t do their job anymore without being scrutinized by someone. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Mean” Lisa Lampanelli quit comedy not too long ago because she is too terrified of offending someone in this new politically correct society we live in. It’s almost regular now that every time someone says anything on social media which someone disagrees with, a plethora of background characters will try to bury said individual. . I’ve witnessed social media ruin people’s lives for racist and sexist tweets. We all know the disaster Roseanne Barr got herself involved with due to a tweet about Valerie Jarret and James Gunn was fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise for his allegedly offensive tweets about children and convicted pedophile-Hollywood Director, Victor Salva. It’s not only sad, but a little terrifying. Big brother is always watching…when you’re in public or spewing off thoughts of anger at your own home.

It’s no surprise that Hollywood couldn’t find someone to host the 2019 Academy Awards (AKA The Oscars), because – is there anyone left after the #MeToo movement- and does someone truly want to take the plunge of slipping up and saying something the masses don’t agree with and get barred from reality? Well, step on up! It’s time to play the Throw You Under The Bus Game! Comedian Kevin Hart has taken the job to host The 2019 Oscars, but that doesn’t mean his old tweets and criminal past haven’t resurfaced to remind The Academy who they’ve selected.

According to IndieWire, social media is flaming Hart for his previous homophobic tweets and scandalous past. Hart released a memoir in 2017, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons, which he spoke on his infidelity and domestic violence. His career never suffered any consequences from these instances, but he is sparking some controversy over his severely uncomfortable, homophobic tweets from nine years ago. Check them out below:


Okay, I actually do enjoy a lot of Hart’s work and haven’t found a problem with him in the past…or really right now. Yet, reading these tweets makes me a little sore due to the amount of blatant homophobia he clearly thinks is comedic to display. Time grows many people in all aspects, but social media tends to not care about who you are now, but who you’ve always been. Which is dangerous.

I’m not what you would call or a snowflake or even a Keyboard Warrior who hides on the internet to defend my values, but the tweets speak for themselves. I highly doubt Hart will suffer any consequences for his homophobic tweets. Which, in some weird way, are we saying you can be fired for being racist and sexist but not homophobic? Obviously racism and sexism are deplorable, so kudos to those who have been punished for their antics. But, I’m a little led to believe homophobia can just get swept under the rug like it hasn’t mattered.

I’m not calling for Hart to be removed as the Oscar Host, because honestly who really watches awards shows nowadays anyway? But, I cannot help but feel if this was somehow turned in a different direction with racist or sexist tweets, the host would absolutely be losing their position. It’s clear Hart will likely make a flaccid apology on Twitter towards the LGBTQ community and perhaps make a joke about it while he hosts. But, should the LGBTQ community be a bit more abrasive in our need to stick together?

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6 thoughts on “Should Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Tweets Remove Him From Hosting?”

  1. I think Brett Ratner was

    I think Brett Ratner was ousted for a little more than comments..Let's flip the switch. If it was say Danny Devito, and it was discovered he tweeted out the N word 20 some odd times 6 years ago. Would anyone suddenly believe he was no longer racist in 2018?

  2. I haven’t watched the Oscars

    I haven't watched the Oscars in years.  It's become way too political and the movies suck anymore.  If Brett Ratner had to go for a random comment, then surely Kevin Hart must as well.

    This will just guarantee that Oscar ratings will continue to plummet.

  3. Who watches the Oscars… the

    Who watches the Oscars… the "Gay Super Bowl"? Most every gay man I know… especially this upcoming Oscar's, a year that is set to honor many films that have gay characters, gay themes, or gay icons, like A Star is Born, The Favourite, Can You Ever Forgive Me? Bohemian Rhapsody, Boy Erased, etc . I find it sad the Academy Awards committee that chose him did not research or "Google" his anti-gay comments, stand-up routines, and "jokes" more thoroughly. Do I detect a committee courting controversy for their show to try to boost ratings and get free publicity?

    • No gay man I’m friends with

      No gay man I'm friends with cares about the Academy Awards. It's not like the Awards determine any significance as to importance or not anyway. Granted, way back when, it was interesting when so many film legends would be up against each other, and genuinely fascinating things happened like Marlon Brando and that Littlefeather girl, or Vanessa Redgrave, or the streaker, but…..these days it's a bunch of mediocre stuff that's nominated and a bunch of overpaid actors and actresses all clapping for themselves. 


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