Should We Be Dating Our Coworkers?

Should We Be Dating Our Coworkers?

Does New Employment Increase Your Odds At Love?

#StupidCupid! We often give an eye roll discussing the topic of dating and relationships. However, it appears to be at the forefront of nearly every conversation I’m involved in – at least the Millennial generation, anyway. I find quite often my friends and I are scurrying trying to find a weekend date or our knight in shining armor. The easiest way to find the man of your life – or night – tends to be online dating. Yet, plenty of us still can land a date the old fashion way by meeting someone in person. But, after a recent conversation with a friend: Are some public places off limits for your future beau?

Is dating your coworkers healthy? Over the weekend, I was absolutely shocked when someone in my inner circle of friends told me he spent Friday night with his new, attractive coworker. I paused to think for a moment: Sure, we all had crushes on coworkers when we worked our High School jobs and fiddled with some closeted boy. I’m sure we’ve all lived. However, after maturing and entering an adult workplace, dare I say our careers – exactly where my friend is employed – my jaw hit the floor. Is it worth the risk of your job to have a fling with a coworker?

Oddly enough, the media, film, and television happen to embrace falling in love with a coworker. Hit television series such as The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Mad Men have shoved in our faces long lasting love or a great orgasm can be found during working hours. My friend spoke so casually: He’s a Hair Stylist and happened to sleep with another person recently hired as a Stylist. Meaning, they are both vying for clientele in the bustling city of West Hollywood. Yikes!

I’m completely against the idea of sleeping with a coworker…falling in love with one is even more bullocks. The last person I want to have a sexual relationship with is someone who I must interact with daily as a coworker and be on, essentially. I come to my office looking like hell on most days, I’m not here to sleep with anyone – and I have job stability – so what’s the freakin’ point? Also, there’s the whole…’don’t crap where you eat’ saying. Why would you want to risk your money – especially in the wake of the #MeToo Movement? I believe there are plenty of fish in the sea – so you shouldn’t be looking for love or sex while you’re on the clock.

Are you open to dating your coworkers?

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