Should We See All Sides Of The View?

Should We See All Sides Of The View?

Examining Meghan McCain’s Conservative Impact

How often do you watch Day Time Television? I’m obsessed with a variety of talk shows. I’m a Millennial who grew up basically with Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones as my parents. Seriously, I’d run home from grammar school at about ten years old and turn on the television, watching the insanity of their talk shows as I barely paid any attention to my homework! For what it’s worth, I am not home during the weekdays when the best of Day Time Television is on! In my adulthood, this devastated me – I didn’t have a cable let alone a DVR! How could I soak up all the juice that comes from my now favorite shows: The Wendy Williams Show and The View? Luckily, YouTube has blessed Day Time’s extended, Millennial audience by streaming entire episodes on a free, digital platform. If you’re just as addicted as me, you already know Wendy Williams is taking a leave of absence to focus on a battle with Graves Disease, so it appears the only worthy show we have to gawk over is the ladies who make up ABC’s long time series, The View. Ever since the White House saw a new President, I’ve been a little obsessed with the ladies’ opinions on their show. The View’s newest panelist, Conservative Social Commenter, Meghan McCain, has been causing controversy on social media. Now that my attention has shifted to the women at The View, I cannot help but wonder, is McCain’s opinion more valuable than any of her other co-hosts?

I’ll come clean for a moment: I truly became a watcher of The View when I found out former Survivor contestant, Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck, would be entering the panel. I loved her from a heavily edited, popular show. To my surprise, Hasselback would essentially become one of my worst enemies and I have yet to find any deeming qualities in her person since her torch was snuffed. I’ve continued to watch The View for my love of the hilarious Joy Behar and who doesn’t want to have an Aunt like Whoopi Goldberg? The series is sometimes a cluster of confusion as their panelists are constantly swapped with someone new. It’s good for the Producers; this is an ever-changing team who can constantly be refreshed. Their latest addition of McCain sitting in the Conservative chair at first left me with an eyeroll. In the wake of the Trump Administration, I was going to have to face the ignorance of a Trump Supporter waving their finger in my face each day. As much as social media wants to blast McCain for her political standing…she has never once shoved a Conservative opinion in our faces.

As a writer, it’s easy to view the ladies as Bloggers. They have a huge platform where they can not only promote their opinion, but educate the masses. Whoopi and Joy tend to speak based off emotion, inserting a laugh specifically designed for their audiences. Former Prosecutor, Sunny Hostin, states facts based on what the law requires. Sara Haines, although absent for what seems like an eternity of maternity leave, typically repeats what her other co-hosts says without seemingly having an opinion of her own. It is McCain, however, who surprisingly makes the most sense to me compared to the other women. McCain tries to let fellow Liberals like myself understand the radical Trump Supporters, the Republican party, and is secure in her junction. She begs us to question why, rather than making a Trump joke and spouting The View’s audience – arguably the worst audience in Day Time Television – to hoot and holler. McCain gives us a thorough explanation on not why we should respect a Trump Supporter, but why they voted for Trump and continue to stand behind him. You can check out her reasoning below: 



On the show, McCain often will discuss how she is harassed by haters on social media on her political standing, her appearance, and her attitude. She’s threatened and even has showcased tweets which wish ill on her sick father, John McCain. Although the women of The View tend to get along, they constantly will interrupt her and all but cross their arms as she tries to educate them. Recently, Hostin claimed she isn’t a Liberal in defense to a comment from McCain. McCain literally threw her hands up, telling she doesn’t feel like fighting today. Admittedly, she is not a Trump Supporter, yet she is faced with the public and her co-hosts believing she is a radical Republican, despite not voting for Trump and being an avid supporter of LGBTQ rights.

I’ve shared my feelings regarding McCain to friends, family, and coworkers. I’ve gotten the same disgusted look from each of them. I’m looked at as if I’m a Trump Supporter, for the lack of a better term, because I have taken an interest and appreciate McCain. I believe that throughout the last year, McCain has eased my mind into understanding the Trump Supporters. I don’t support them at all, but I now know there is a separation between radicals and Conservatives. I thank her for giving me the chance to understand a different view which I normally would give a cold shoulder too.

Have you found yourself listening to McCain and willing to expand your mind?

Update: Meghan McCain has seen this article and gives us the thumbs up! 

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