Should We Support Rehabilitated Sexual Predators?

Should We Support Rehabilitated Sexual Predators?


Matt Lauer, Louis CK, And More Eye Comeback!

#METOO. The next topic is pretty handsy. The #MeToo movement has completely ripped a part the Entertainment universe and has been the hottest topic of the year. The downfall of alleged pig, Harvey Weinstein, was one I believe we all laughed at. After decades of allegedly harassing women, he finally received his karma. Sure, he'll have an endless amount of money until his death bed, but his reputation is shot. It's safe to say, Weinstein will never have a comeback. However, some men accused of sexual allegations are eyeing a second chance in the Entertainment business. Should we be supporting a redemption story from any alleged predator?

According to The Cut, alleged sexual predators, Comedian Louis C.K., News Anchor, Matt Lauer, and more are trying to succeed post their #MeToo allegations. No exact word yet on how Lauer plans his return being the face of day time news, but apparently Louis is going to try a comedy tour making fun of his mistakes. Hmm. In these two specific instances, I definitely believe Lauer will never be on television again in general. He may want to start a Youtube channel and see what happens? Louis will probably have small success doing tours throughout bars in the South and MidWest, because if his fans have his humor, they do think the #MeToo movement is a joke. However, it's clear allegations and internet scrutiny have buried the careers of these men. As they should. 

Moving forward, I cannot help but wonder: Should we be forgiving of the alleged predators? We live in a current society who enjoy seeing people become ruined. Especially since the election of Donald Trump, everyone has became more abrasive with their opinion. It was primarily women who were sick and tired of seeing wealthy men in power get away with…elections, among plenty else, which likely charged the #MeToo movement. The movement was to tell men they can no longer use their authority to harass anyone. The alleged facts these men used their power to demean and sexually touch others is absolutely appalling. To be honest, in my opinion, it's unforgivable.


This brings the next conversation. Can you befriend someone who has done terrible things in their past? To me, a leopard doesn't change it's spots. While I support someone rehabilitating themselves in any capacity, this only works if the person did this without harm to others. Changing for yourself is one thing, but these alleged predators have gotten away with their antics for years and were forced to acknowledge their alleged disgusting behavior. They won't change and neither should public opinion on them.

Will you support the comeback of the alleged predators returning to the limelight?

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  1. I don’t approve of these men

    I don’t approve of these men action, what they did was beyond wrong. But what I read from what you are saying. Is no one can change and you support trolling these people and force them to commit  suicide stead of seeking help for there problems. So your pro people killing them selves?. 


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