Should Will and Jack End Up Together When ‘W&G’ Finishes Next Year?

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Will & Grace will finally end in 2020 after a wild ride that saw the show get picked up two years ago after its initial completion in 2006.

Executive producers Max MutchnickDavid Kohan and James Burrows announced in July 2019 that the upcoming season of W&G will be its last. 


Therefore these characters that we have come to know and love for over two decades will finally say their goodbyes next year. Except this time, it won’t be in Karen’s (Megan Mullally) imagination like how the first series finale happened many moons ago. At least let’s hope so. 

Many legendary shows like W&G have provided their fanbase with either satisfying endings (M*A*S*H, Friends) or ones they wish never happened (Seinfeld, The Sopranos). W&G‘s first finale ultimately saw Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace’s (Debra Messing) kids get married. I still wonder how the show would’ve handled that storyline when the reboot happened in 2017.

To keep Instinct followers up to date, here’s what happened when the season 10 finale finished in April. Jack (Sean Hayes) wed Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) at the airport, McCoy (Matt Bomer) proposed to Will during Jack’s ceremony, Karen stopped being a lesbian after having a moment and Grace met a potential new love interest in a guy named Marcus (Reid Scott).


So Will and Jack finally made individual progress in their love lives after years of being stagnant in their own unique ways. Question is… will they ultimately end up with the guys they are currently married or engaged to? Or… dare I say it… could Will and Jack find love with each other after decades of being strictly friends?

The idea of Will and Jack as a couple has been toyed around briefly but never been put to the test on the Emmy-winning series. Perhaps the writers and producers didn’t want to jump the shark as it sort of feels like a Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) kind of thing when they started dating years into Friends being on the air.

It does beg the question though over if Will and Jack are each other’s soulmates and all the trash talking they’ve exchanged is just a mask for their true feelings. This was examined in the season six premiere after they woke up in bed together but was quickly dropped by episode’s end. 


I, for one, would be fine with this happening. The characters of Estefan and McCoy have served a good purpose for each character but I don’t see them ultimately ending the series with them still in tact. It would be great if Vince (Bobby Cannavale) came back for Will but all hope of that happening ended when he married someone else… much to the titular character’s frustration.

Time will tell over what will happen with Will and Jack, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to end the series with these two getting married or with the understanding that this is it for them. 

As for Grace, it appears as if the storyline with Marcus will more than likely begin when the new season returns. Her relationship last season with Noah (David Schwimmer) was doomed from the start as their chemistry was god awful in each episode. So it is the unknown for right now over how things will go with her for Marcus but I’m hopeful at the moment. 


But… let’s keep it real here. I’ve been Team Leo (Harry Connick Jr) ever since he first locked eyes on her when she fell after running into a pole and I’m still hopeful that these two end up together. They are so right for each other but too many things got in the way. He’s Big (Chris Noth) to her Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and I still think that the series should end with them making up after all this time. 

Karen is a bit of an odd one to me as she’s been more of the humorous sidekick on the show as opposed to having a real and emotional storyline to follow. Her moments with Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) and Rosario (Shelly Morrison) were great and all but I still wonder how they are going to end such an iconic character. If anything I would love for Karen to be happy and content with who she is as a person, regardless of her love life. Karen is the kind of character you root for even though she’s done inexplicably horrible things to everyone around her. It only shows what a force Megan is when playing her and I’m excited to see how her storyline progresses this season.

How do you think Will & Grace should end with each cast member?


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