Show This To Your Housemate. Scientist Finalizes The Great Dishwashing Debate

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Is Your Least Favorite Chore Dishwashing? Turns Out We’ve Been Making It More Difficult

Chores and cleaning your home should be at the top of your hygiene list, but sometimes we know it can be an absolute drag. We all have to clean up after ourselves, but if you’re willing to splurge, you can always hire that nude housekeeper that keeps sending shouts out on GROWLr.  And since we are living in a quarantine world, we may be getting to know the cleaning habits of our co-quarantine-ers or how maybe they should have taken a lesson or two from their parental units. Most of us can relate to living with someone who lagged on doing the dishes or just doesn’t do them the right way.

Thankfully, dishwashers have existed since the 1800s and have eliminated a hefty amount of roommate or martial drama surrounding our flatware. Yet, arguments still occur as some are even picky with how the dishes go in their dishwasher! Does it irk you when your partner/roommate tosses a dirty plate in there? Have you been involved in unnecessary drama over the dishwasher? Well, the next time you’re going to address that age old question –  should you clean your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher? – we may have the answer.

According to Tip Hero, a Proctor and Gamble Scientist claims you’re actually fine leaving some debris on your dishes upon putting them in the dishwasher… if your dishwasher has been made in the last five years. More times than not, the water in your pre-wash will remove any loose soils just the way they would by your sponge and hand in the sink. No, you shouldn’t have permanently-stuck cheese or a whole meal on your plate, scrape off what you can, but otherwise you’re wasting time washing before your now clean dishes will be washed again. But, they go on to stress, if you are going to follow this method of not pre-cleaning every dish, don’t forget to clean your dishwasher regularly.

So, give it a scrape and toss it in! This may not be ideal for most, but give it a try.  Looks like you may have a good amount of time to try it both ways. With the dishwasher dilemma solved, now we can focus on other things that drive us crazy about our housemates, like leaving wet towels in the bathroom, wearing shoes throughout the home, or if an open window makes more sense than running up the air conditioning bill.

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