Showing Off Some Big Fruit, Short Shorts & More

Sharing some of our favorite Instagrams this week starting off with Dr. Marco (above) who showed off his big fruit.

Ricky Martin kicked off his new tour with fellow Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias in Las Vegas:

Chris Salvatore cleaned up after his own opening night in Las Vegas with Naked Boys Singing:

Melieck got wet in Puerto Vallarta:

Bruno Baba wants you to know he’s totally comfortable with his pandemic weight:

Shae Scott’s smile was its own work of art at the Louvre Museum in Paris:

Carson Tueller got out of his work clothes and started his weekend:

Rich Burns shared a totally unrelated photo as he heads out to Wyoming:

Big Dipper was feeling shapely:

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo wore the perfect size swim suit:

Homosports reminded us how awesome rugby is:

Zander Hodgson was feeling shady in Joshua Tree:

Michael (Blacktain_America93) went river rafting:

Max Emerson’s dog was super-chill for a selfie:

Diego Barros showed off his short shorts in Sitges, Spain:

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