Singer Is Straightforward When Quashing Queerbaiting Question

Maya Angelou said it best with, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” 

Wait, did I just use a Maya Angelou quote to discuss a musician’s honesty about giving oral to another man? Yep, sure did. 

R&B singer Omar Apollo apparently needed to show fans his gay card yet again after a “fan” tweeted to find out if Apollo was queerbating. Oh, these overly thursty fans asking for receipts. 


The tweeter twatted his elaborated question to the grammy nominee:

“Like those type ‘I don’t label myself, let me wear cropped and paint my nails and I say I find another guy hot’ cuz I like his song but I don’t like supporting straight men doing queerbating.”

How do you respond when someone questions who you are?  Was Apollo pretending to be part of the LGBTQ+ Community for attention, followers, fans? What was his response to being called a fake gay?


“no i b sucking dick fr”

You can only tell people so often who you really are before you have to be overly blunt and hit them over the head with, well, an “I’m a dick sucker” tweet.

We heard Apollo elaborate on his sexuality before during an NPR interview in April of this year (2022), that he’s gay, or even “very gay”.


On whether he prefers to express his queerness through his lyrics than put labels on it

I don’t really care. I feel like in the beginning, I was trying to be mysterious and stuff, but now I’m just like — I’m very gay, so I’m just like, whatever. It’s funny, every time I’m doing an interview, they’re like, “You don’t like to…” I’m like, “Damn, do I really come off like that?” [laughs] But no, I’m totally about it. Maybe I was trying to keep the mystique, you understand? But I don’t even care anymore [laughs]. – NPR

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This was far from the first time Apollo has talked about his sexuality and how he identifies. He’s rapped and sung about his queerness and fluidity in several songs, like “Kamikaze” and “Bi Fren” from his “Apolonio” EP, but it seems like his queerness may be gayness now, but was as well stated just back in September as bisexual. Oh these labels! Queer is such a good umbrella term. 

Ivory — Omar Apollo’s full-length debut in April of this year. (Photo by Gustavo Garcia Villa/Courtesy of the artist)

But hey, we love a good dick sucker. And Omar Apollo cannot deny that this may bring him some more attention, may it be from thursty men or music lovers. 

We’ve been following Apollo for a while, the mention of his oral acrobatics just solidified our love just a little more. But we also love his performances that don’t involve the crotchal area, like this NPR: Tiny Dest Concert performance. The setlist included the songs, “En El Olvido,” “Evergreen,” “Petrified,” and “Endlessly.” Enjoy.

One song that was not in the playlist is one of my faves by him, “So Good”.


Onar, bravo for your bluntness, your talent, your visibility, and your representation.  And if it all gets too much, just remember, just keep being you.  We’ll keep listening and looking and maybe a little lusting.


Source: NPR

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