Singer Justin Utley on Surviving Conversion Therapy, New Music & More

Credit: Justin Utley

The power and emotion that you hear from Justin Utley‘s beautiful voice has a lot of history to it. He’s not just one of those artists who turns out easy to listen/produce records for the masses to enjoy. There’s a lot of weight to the words he sings as much of it comes from the extremely difficult obstacles he’s had to overcome in his life.

Justin is a man of many talents. For one, he’s an incredible singer (as mentioned above), especially with his latest album Scars that features the spellbinding song “Underneath My Skin”. Its video debuted late last month and has already amassed over 300,000 views. 


He’s also been very open about his Mormon upbringing and the unbelievable hell he had to go through during his years in conversion therapy.

Justin, along with other noted names like Imagine Dragons’ lead singer Dan Reynolds, have fought tirelessly over the years in an effort to get conversion therapy permanently banned not only in their home state of Utah but anywhere else where it’s still currently being practiced.

He spoke about all of the above plus how his career and life has shifted during COVID, future plans and much more in our exclusive Instagram Live chat.


Check it out below.


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