Singer Matt Zarley Feels The Pull Of Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity”

Woofy singer/songwriter Matt Zarley drops his new music video for "Gravity" 


The track comes from Zarley's latest album titled, The Estrogen Sessions, which honors of the female pop divas most influential in his career.

About recording "Gravity:"

This is one of my all-time favorite songs and it was the first song I actually recorded for the album. 

Fast forward eight or so months later, I go back to revisit the song, listen to it, make any little changes that I needed to, but I wasn’t able to access the files. The hard drive was corrupted. So I had to re-sing the song. I was not that upset because I love this song so much, so I was game for it. 

At the end of the session I went to save the files and my computer froze. Well, I felt pretty confident that the session was going to be saved. I was wrong the entire session was gone. 

I was so livid that I decided to re-record the song then and there. It was 2 AM. 

In the end it actually turned out better than before, so all ends well.

In creating the music video, Zarley shares he had originally planned out a whole narrative to drive the music video but after shooting the loft footage decided for a more minimal approach and let the song itself tell the story.


"The song has always had an ethereal quality to it…very haunting," says Zarley. "I wanted that to take the focus."

Stripped down and primarily acoustic, Zarley's production work on the project showcases the strength of the songwriting and his own effortless vocals.


"As I began to arrange these tunes, I made a conscience decision to strip the songs down and reinterpret them with all live music, nothing programed – real piano, organ, guitar, drums, bass and strings," says Zarley.

The entire album is imminently listenable. The emotional landscape is soulful and wide, with each track showcasing Zarley's rich, fluid voice. He shifts from plaintive, affecting intimacy to expansive vocal brawn with equal ease.

Check out more from the album here and you can get the first look at "Gravity" below.



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