Singer Tom Goss Tackles Gay Domestic Violence

Screenshot via YouTube @tomgossmusic

Domestic violence is a universal problem, and not just a straight one.

Singer-songwriter Tom Goss has recently released a new music video to remind his fans “the power to change their own lives,” and he spotlights domestic violence as the catalyst for that change.

In the music video, which was directed by Michael Serrato, Mean Girls and Looking actor Daniel Franzese plays as Goss’s lover. The two first enjoy a trip away, but soon the begin to fight. And then the verbal fight gets physical.

Talking to the Huffington Post, Goss says the song was inspired by a recent trip to Mexico with his husband. He noted “the similarities of La Bufadora’s power” to “emotional outbursts in a relationship.” This then made him want to tackle the “unspoken issue” of domestic violence in same-sex couples.

“As humans, we can be so volatile or wounded at the drop of a hat,” he explained. “Sometimes it is a choice we make, sometimes it is the deep-seated triggers that live within our bodies and minds. Just like La Bufadora, we ebb and flow, rest and explode.” 

But how does the message come across? Did Goss correctly depict the problem and issue? Check out the video below to find out.

Sources: HuffPost

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