Singing Group Miss Tres Drops “Sex Bomb” On Britain’s Got Talent

Philippines’ singing group Miss Tres (Mariko Ledesma, Mavy Cleofas, and Crissy Marie Rendon) recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and wowed the judges with their take on Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb.”

"We would like to be like Destiny's Child or Spice Girls," said the group.

Not only did the girls deliver “sparkle” and “girl power,” the performance offered a bomb of sorts as well. It wasn’t until they began to sing that it was revealed they were transgender.

The group impressed Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges.

"Were you hiding a little secret from us at the beginning?" Simon Cowell coyly inquired.

Amanda Holden added: “Your voices were fantastic, you look amazing, you’re just so hot! It’s unfair!”

In the end, the trio got four “Yes” votes from the judges which means Miss Tres will advance to the semi-finals of the reality competition.

The group has previously performed on Philippines Got Talent in 2013 and Asia’s Got Talent in 2015.

Back then they were a quartet, but sadly one of the group’s members, Mia Narciso (also known as Romeo) died of lung cancer, at 40, in September 2016.

Speaking to The Sun, the group shared, “To be honest, we did BGT not because of exposure, but to continue giving entertainment and to inspire most especially our LGBT community and above all to continue the legacy we started with our beloved brother Mia Narciso."

At the end of the competition one act comes out on top winning a £250,000 cash prize and a spot on the Royal Variety Performance.

For those in the UK, Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday evenings on ITV.

Watch Miss Tres in action below.



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  1. They were omitted from

    They were omitted from Saturday night's show when the judges were cutting acts down from 182 to 40 to be in the semi-finals despite initially receiving 4 years from the judges.

    Were they unable to come back for the vote or is there a legal reason due to them having performed on other versions of the show?

    • This group should be recognized ALL OVER THE WORLD. I’m not transgender but seeing these girls I truly wish I was.


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