Sinon Loresca Does A Lot More Than Strut In A Speedo. The Unseen Other Side Of Eye Candy.

It's always good to see the many sides of people.  One of our biggest stories this week was Gay Actor Chris Salvatore Mourns Death Of 89-Year-Old Neighbor.  We knew Chris from his 'brief' underwear line and his parts in movies like the "Eating Out" series and Bear City 3.  To see the humanitarian side of him was wonderful.  Yes, he's s sexy piece of meat and that is why he is on our radar to begin with, but now he has layers and we love those layers.

Another popular story recently was Muscle Hunk Struts In Nothing But A Speedo And Heels. It was a great OH MY moment seeing him strut in a speedo. "Actor/comedian Sinon Loresca stripped down to a speedo, then strapped on a pair of heels, to emulate the Miss Universe contestant, Miss Philippines Maxine Medina's signature walk."

In a summative video of his charitable acts titled "'Catwalk King' Feeds Poor Kids," we learn about another side of Sinon.





We would like to thank one of our readers Mitch for letting us know about this video.

Have Chris Salvatore and Sinon Loresca silently shown us how to human?  Sure, we love to see the sex and skin and undies and what not.  But to see these two well known men be so kind and generous, it makes us wonder, are other people in their position doing the same?

Thanks guys for showing us how it is done.

Sinon did reach out to his followers to show his thanks for the "Catwalk" video success.





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The following was converted using Google Translate from Filiponi to English.

After five days, reached more than 24 million views on the video Miss Universe walk of "Eat Bulaga!" Dabarkads that Loresca Sinon, who was better known by many as "Rogelio" kalyeserye on "Eat Bulaga."

Wearing six-inch high heels, rumampa Sinon was a semi-Miss Universe as showing support to bet that the Philippines Maxine Medina.

Immediately noticed many such videos and been featured in several international websites.

Recently, shared TV personality and viral sensation that he received an invitation from the Emmy Award-winning American talk show "The Doctors."

In a separate post, emotional Sinon thanked all those who supported him and share his videos on social media.

"I am thankful for making my video viral worldwide. Actually, I did not really expect it because I just want to support our countrymen to fight in Miss Universe, Maxine Medina. I expect that in the video I get a trend around the world, "he said. –

Maybe we will be seeing more of Sinon soon!

You can catch his Instagram here and a simple search for him on YouTube will turn up so many more great videos.



Omg omg omg! THE DOCTORS

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