Sip, Slay, Serv- Six Global Drag Performers Tell Us ‘SERV Responsibly’

So many of our favorite drag performers have supplied us with sickening looks, instantly infectious music, and countless and memorable stage performances. Now, in partnership with Producer Entertainment Group, six of the most iconic and talented drag performers in the business today are preparing to take over the world of spirits next with their own brand of flavored vodka, courtesy of SERV Vodka. 


Crafted in France & infused with natural fruit, the vibrant and delicious vodkas are distributed by Mexico, in association with PEG and Casa Maestri. Jose Coira, SVP Casa Maestri, says, “Casa Maestri is thrilled to partner with PEG by creating SERV Vodka, which represents inclusivity while celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community. The collaboration between our distillery and these show-stopping queens resulted in flavor-packed vodkas that cater to everyone’s palette.”

SERV Vodka also comes along with music videos and monthly recipe suggestions by the dolls themselves. Each queen was sure to put their own distinct spin & ultra-fierce perspective into their individual vodka flavor and they each gave a little sneak peek on what we can expect. SERV Manila Luzon Pineapple “I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I didn’t want too much pineapple and didn’t want it to be too little pineapple, so I had to taste several bottles and cases before I figured out what pineapple flavor was the best. It was the first sample that was the best, but I had several cases to make sure.” SERV Trixie Mattel Pink Lemonade “They mailed me two flasks of vodka. I was like ‘I’ll try it. I’m not sure. I’ll try a little more. I’m not sure. I’ll try a little more….hours in. You guys need to send me more.” SERV Trinity the Tuck Mixed Berries “I love a good cocktail, a good mixed drink. I’m a sissy drinker, so I had to make sure it was really sweet. I love something fruity because I’m a fruit.”


SERV Sharon Needles Blood Orange “I had tons of cases sent to my haunted house and I went through all the blood oranges and ended up with type O negative” SERV Monét X Change Green Apple “Girl, I drank it smooth with just a little ice, got it chilled and it was delicious.” SERV Alaska 5000 Original Unflavored “My process was very easy. I did test it out. If it’s going to be vodka – vodka. It has to be good vodka and I’m telling you it’s delicious. DELICIOUS! It really is. You can drink it straight. You can drink it queer.”

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