Siriano – Best Month Ever And We Couldn’t Be More Proud.

We all have our favorites from ANTM, Project Runway, Ru Paul's Drag Race, etc., and even though our best liked characters, competitors, personalities will shine on forever in our twitter feed, they often do not last long in the public eye, not as much as when their current season, cycle, competition was on air. 

When one of those favorites is able to hang on to their reality TV fame and do pretty well, we are proud to have been one of their supporters.  But when one keeps hitting it out of the park and then is invited to one of the biggest games in town, in the nation, and to dress FLOTUS, we were so very proud.

Let's jump back a little and remind ourselves of Siriano's beautiful dress he placed on Leslie Jones.  Whatever your politics about Leslie or Ghostbusters, you have to admit, the dress was on point, simple, yet divine. 

Leslie Jones had said designers didn't want to dress her for the "Ghostbusters" movie premiere because she didn't not fit into the fashion industry's sample sizes.  On July 9th, Jones wore Siriano and we all noticed.

Back to FLOTUS.  Before Christian Siriano dressed Michelle Obama for the DNC, she wore one of his other creations just days prior.

Designer Christian Siriano recently celebrated his marriage to musician Brad Walsh, but he has mixed feelings about his latest achievement — dressing Michelle Obama for the first time. Yesterday, FLOTUS wore a Siriano dress at the memorial service for the five police officers who were killed by a sniper during a rally against police violence in Dallas Thursday night.

She wore the black, asymmetrical-hem lace frock from Siriano’s spring 2016 collection to pay her respects. “It’s the first time she’s worn something of my design, so for me this is an incredibly bittersweet moment,” Siriano wrote on Instagram. “Despite my admiration for her at this moment, I wish there was no reason for her to need a black dress today. I stand in solidarity with all the families who lost their loved ones across the country last week.” –


I think besides the beautiful fit and color of Michelle Obama's dress at the DNC, I took note of the shoulders being covered.  I am not sure if this was a calculated cut made by Siriano, but as we all know, Michelle has been known for showing off her guns and her shoulders, which many find inappropriate. If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em, I say, but maybe it was good to be a little conservative in the shoulder department that night.

The first lady pushed diversity and denounced divisive rhetoric from "politicians we see on TV," interpreted as a reference to GOP nominee Donald Trump, while wearing a classic cobalt blue dress designed by New York-based fashion designer Christian Siriano. –


Of course this is not the last we will see of one of our favorite fiercest designers.  And this really hasn't been a rebirth for him either.  Christian has been dressing some major players ever since his Season 4 appearance on Project Runway.  For more of who has been in his designs, head over to a great article by E-Online entitled "From Amy Schumer to Michelle Obama: Christian Siriano's Style Squad Has Serious Range. "  He has many friends and fans, not just us lowly people.

As I said, it's not the first, nor the last, but in the fashion world, it is a freakin awesome month for Christian Siriano.  Is it his best week / best month / biggest honor ever? 

We only wish you the best. Once a fan, always a fan. 

But here's a big question for you Mr. Siriano … what have you in store for Hillary when she moves back into the White House?

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