Sissy That Pumpkin-Brent Pumpkins Reimagines Mama Ru For Halloween

Since kicking off his pumpkin carving business a number of years ago, Brent Heuser (the New York City bartender/performer and the man behind Brent Pumpkins) has carved everything from Beyonce to Broadway legend Patti LuPone to talk show titan Jimmy Fallon. This year, Heuser has already carved Madonna (complete in her iconic ‘Vogue” video) & has been doing his “Champagne Wishes & Pumpkin Dreams” carvings at The High Line Hotel (through October 23rd, click here for availability). His latest carving though, showcases the “Supermodel of the World” & comes with a little extra inspiration this year. 


A longtime fan of drag, Heuser has carved everyone from Season 9 RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Velour to comedic drag sensations Trixie Mattel and Katya, but carving RuPaul herself this year was a lofty carving to take on, even for this master carver. The end result showed a remarkable attention to detail, showcasing everything from the curls in Mama Ru’s hair to the creases in her signature eyes. It is no surprise that Heuser is the go-to carver in New York City, which has resulted in carvings each season being booked weeks ahead. Brent Pumpkins even has his own merch line, (in conjunction with dMart Gear,) which showcase everything from cozy sweatshirts to seasonal t-shirts (with statements like “Yaaaasss Hallowkween”!). Check out the full line of merch here



Brent Heuser (the man behind Brent Pumpinks numerous and detailed creations) exclusively told me  that this year, he had some extra inspiration for his carvings. “It’s the first Halloween season in the seven years since I fully became a drag queen so I thought, why not carve mother”? The man who has become one of New York City’s biggest (and broadest) burgeoning drag performers, Lola Ceilings, said that “carving pumpkins got boring, so I started carving cheek bones too”! This year, “RuPaul seemed appropriate”.  

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