Sister Gives Her Brother & His Husband The Gift Of Love & Life Twice.

For those of us that are desiring to become parents but are missing some of those other reproductive organs, the process is not that easy.  One Happy and gay couple from Sydney, Australia was lacking an "oven," but was offered one several times over from a close dear friend, one of their sisters. 

Now parents twice over, Callum, Clintion, and Clinton's sister Rhiannon take their place in the love spotlight this holiday season.  What a joyous story!


A SELFLESS sister who vowed to help her gay brother and his partner become parents, has made their baby dreams come true, not once but twice — after recently giving birth to their second daughter.

Rhiannon Stevens, 35, from Melbourne, first offered to become a surrogate for younger brother Clinton when he “came out” 14 years ago.

After meeting his partner Callum, 33, the pair tied the knot in 2012 and began to pursue their dream of becoming parents.

But with adoption and international surrogacy proving difficult for the couple, Rhiannon, a mum of three, stepped in to help.

Using a donor egg and the couple’s sperm, Rhiannon became pregnant with their eldest daughter Zara, two, after a successful embryo transfer in 2014.

Now she’s also given birth to their second daughter, Aiden, who was born just three weeks ago, making the couple proud parents for the second time.

Rhiannon said: “I’ve always said that when the time came, I’d help Clinton to have a child. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to offer to be his and Callum’s surrogate. I’ve never been concerned about having any difficulty handing the baby over to them at the end of the process. After Zara was born, it only took me three months to offer to go again. Clinton and Callum are absolutely wonderful with kids and helping them to become parents was a dream come true for me. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“When [Clinton and Callum] announced they were getting married in 2012, I knew they’d be looking to become parents soon. They’d be great dads.”

Clinton Bryan-Matthieson said, “Surrogacy was complicated and not allowed in some states because we’re gay, while adoption could take years. Of course, I remembered Rhiannon’s kind offer. But it was a big deal and I wasn’t sure if I could ask for something so generous.” –


Head over to and read how the boys ask Rhiannon to be their "oven," what the three-some went through, and how she told the couple they all were expecting. Their first daughter was born just about two years ago this time of year and what a joyous occasion it was. And as mentioned above, sis was ready for baby number two for the couple three months later, but the process would take about another year and ended with the birth of Aiden in November of this year.

Would you ask a relative to do this for you?

Would you accept an offer from a relative to do this for you?

Have you been through the same thing?



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    Surrogacy is the only way for a lot of people to become parents, this is a gift!!

    It´s beautiful to read this kind of stories is a surrogacy community for people into surrogacy (intended parents, surrogate mothers, egg donors)

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