Six Scintillating Reasons to Read Medium Rare: The Memoir of a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium

It doesn’t take ESP (or ESPN) to recognize how fascinating the life of a psychic must be. (There’s a reason Ghost Whisperer lasted for so many seasons, and it wasn’t just for Jennifer Love’s Hewitts.) That’s why the book Medium Rare: The Memoir of a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium by famed psychic Linda Lauren has our sixth senses tingling. It’s the perfect read for a psychic summer like no other, whether you’re gifted with second sight or just in the mood to hear the life story of someone who is. Here are six fun surprises in Medium Rare, but to know the full story, you’ll have to read the book!

Meat Loaf’s Surprising Psychic Ability. Of all the ghost-hunting and psychic phenomena series on the air, only the “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” singer receives Lauren’s approval for his respectful, multi-octave medium aptitude.

The Monkee Meets the Medium. After an especially moving appearance on Monkees icon Micky Dolenz’s radio show, Lauren gets the nod to become his official resident psychic. Lucky for her, he’s always been a “Daydream Believer,” after all.

Living La Vida Liberace. While pursuing writing and acting in L.A., Lauren enjoys the perks of living in one of Liberace’s Malibu beach houses—namely, private and oh-so-fabulous concerts.

Misadventures of a Teen Psychic. While still in high school, Lauren’s psychic abilities become so renowned that the staff sets her up in a guidance counselor’s office as the school’s resident seer.

They’re Baaaaack… One of the first ways young Lauren’s abilities manifested were in her psychic connection with a dead girl who became one of her best friends thanks to Poltergeist II-esque chats on her toy telephone.

Cher. Just Cher. As a very young child, Lauren would often get lost in her aura-reading and psychic abilities, requiring her mother to help her tune back into day-to-day reality by saying this.

Medium Rare: The Memoir of a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium is available now on Amazon. For more information about Linda Lauren, visit her official site.

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